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KP gets his Tonne

Went to the last day of the Test Match today to see if England could save the match. They did and in the process we got to see Kevin Peitersen make a hundred and Vaughan, Collingwood and Bell all play … Continue reading

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Tour de Deptford

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Tour de Deptford

So this weekend brings the Tour de France to London and through Deptford. I’m hoping we’ll get down to see some of the bikes wizz past, though I have to admit that my interest in the Tour isn’t as great … Continue reading

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Surrey vs Hampshire Twenty20

Along with 14,000 or so other people we went to a quite wet Oval this afternoon to see Twenty20 reduced to Ten10. Still it could have been worse as they’re allowed to pretend it’s a game as long as each … Continue reading

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So that’s Friday evening sown up

Having listened to a fair bit of the current series on the radio it will be good to be reminded just how good West Indies cricket was. The BBC archive film captures behind the scenes footage of the 1976 West … Continue reading

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Ooh Ahh, Glen McGrath

(via The Corridor)

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3D Cricket

If I thought I could have got away with it, and if I’d known about it this morning maybe I’d have been tempted to have Cricinfo – 3D running on my desktop this morning as England managed to win their … Continue reading

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So I’m back from my holiday, what did I miss? I am pleased to see that the Inspector has a new home (v swish too); that Kate has some resolutions; Sue is interested in alternatives to virtual (ie unfunded) CCTV; … Continue reading

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If I’m Grumpy

I’ve not been pulling all nighters listening to the cricket, but every so often I wake up, stick the radio on and almost always wish I hadn’t bothered. As I said back in September: The problem will be which England … Continue reading

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London 2012

My mum has pointed out there’s a London 2012 blog for all your London Olympic needs.  Looks like the senior people in the organisation are writing there regularly, which is encouraging. The blurb says: This site will act as a … Continue reading

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