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If you have any feeling for Magazine, or want to take a look at a man with a strange haircut I’d say get along to Baggage Reclaim, our local Morris-dancing blogger.

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stupid council

One of the things I was struggling against in the few years I was a councillor and a blogger was the interpretation of the law on what constitutes a political use of council resources. You may have sensed my frustration … Continue reading

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I’ve been following what Anthony Cox has to say about MMR; in part because my oldest had his in the middle of the claims that it could lead to autism and his was a reassuring and knowledgeable voice in helping … Continue reading

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office 2.0

I'm sure you're all over web 2.0 like a rash, but I've come across office 2.0 which has some appeal: The idea is pretty simple: use a generic web browser and a set of online services to provide all the … Continue reading

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environmental citizenship

A little while ago I spoke to a Friends of the Earth Meeting about climate change.  I pointed out that: Households are responsible for 28% of total final energy demand, 34% of electricity use, and a quarter of UK carbon … Continue reading

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ladywell in bloom?

One of my local councillors, Sue Luxton, points out that the hanging baskets are up and makes this suggestion: The long-awaited hanging baskets were put up in Ladywell Rd on Friday – they look good, I hope we can have … Continue reading

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Reuse water

Reuse water Originally uploaded by Andrew K Brown. As someone who tries to leave as small a footprint as I can, without becoming too po faced about it, I was delighted to get some advice from the Council about reusing … Continue reading

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right to know?

The government seem keen to extend our right to know things. We've had the Freedom of Information Act, inteligence dossiers*, and now the Home Office are considering extending our knowledge of where sex offenders live. Perhaps while Gerry Sutcliffe is … Continue reading

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prison works, but it’ll cost you

I know blogging is supposed to be all about instant analysis and reaction, but I'm afraid I've not got time for instant. So like re-brewed coffee here are a couple of thoughts about prison. Bob Piper asks whether prison works … Continue reading

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more energy

While the people over at Potential Energy keep on developing their thoughts on nuclear energy, Snowflake5 points out why it's time to do the thinking: Europe draws energy from three locations; the North Sea, where Britain, Norway and the Netherlands … Continue reading

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