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green chain walking festival

I’ve been sent a pdf of the events in this year’s Green Chain Walking Festival, which will be taking place between 16 and 24th September and looks jam packed with good walks. Let me know if you want a copy … Continue reading

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This looks like it might be useful.  It lets you preview webpages by hovering over links, which might save a bit of time. (via Read/Write Web)

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I’ve just come across this piece of video of Curtly Ambrose destroying Australia from the early 1990s. This summer Geoffrey Boycott has been trying to make the case for Steve Harmison being a similar bowler as Ambrose.  And while I’m … Continue reading

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Moro Originally uploaded by Andrew K Brown. Having packed the kids off to my parents for the week my partner and I are doing grown up things like going to the cinema and eating out. Yesterday’s adventure was to Moro … Continue reading

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book meme

Tom got me! Name one book that changed your life. Peter and Jane taught me to read. One book you’ve read more than once. Gravity’s Rainbow, I found I had to, just to try and understand what he was on … Continue reading

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keeping inequality in check

You know all those campaigns that trades unions do every couple of years to pointing out the fat cattedness of various very well paid executives. Well apparently that – and a few other things unions do – seems to work*. (via Chris Dillow)   … Continue reading

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subversive reading

Subversive reading Originally uploaded by Andrew K Brown. My reading material as I went to meet some of my fellow Labour bloggers. I had a thoroughly nice time and who knows we may even have set in train some useful … Continue reading


roma williams

Justa quick note to celebrate the life of Roma Williams who’s funeral I’ve been at this afternoon. I knew Roma as a stalwart of the Lewisham Labour Party first the St Margeret’s branch and later Blackheath.  She’d been a councillor … Continue reading

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good advice on solar panels

If the political diversity of Lewisham politics isn’t your cup of tea you may not be a reader of Sue’s blog and in which case you’ll have missed what I thought was an excellent post on how to go solar … Continue reading

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Bo D’Or Paul Evans Will Davis The Corridor Tom Hamilton All with their takes on what happened on Sunday afternoon (and keeps on rolling on). For me I have to admit that turning on the radio to hear the confusion … Continue reading

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