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My stash

My stash Originally uploaded by Andrew K Brown. Isn’t it nice when your family know exactly what you’re like!

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don’t scratch

More where that came from here.

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meme of 3

James has pushed this one my way.  1… Things that scare me Being out of work; My family being really ill; The number of times I’m absolutely sure of something and then it turns out I’m wrong. 2.…People who make … Continue reading

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did humans evolve?

I’d have thought the answer to that was pretty clear and that the science has been compelling for quite some time.  The New York Times tells me that quite a lot of people agree but there’s a persistant minority who won’t … Continue reading


what would an environmental contract between citizen, business and government look like?

Ever since I heard of wikis I thought there must be a role for them in government.  Afterall wouldn’t it be good if rather than having to respond to consultations in ways that make it difficult to see what difference … Continue reading

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have you ever mentioned your job on a blog?

That’s the question the TUC would like your answer to. I’m fortunate that my employers and colleagues have always known about my blogs and have either blessed them or not cared all that much. Plus of course I’ve not (yet) brought … Continue reading

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no platform?

Student politics being what they are I’ve left most of mine behind.  The one bit that I’ve always thought sensible was the no platform position for racists. When I was a student, those further to the left than me argued (and … Continue reading

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windows live writer

This is just me messing about with the Window’s Live toolbar. So far it looks like there are a few nice features, who knows whether it’ll be enough to keep me away from Firefox. In case you’re wondering the photo … Continue reading

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commitment to development index 2006

Center for Global Development have been assessing how much richer countries do to help poor countries build prosperity, good government, and security.  The graph, above, is their take on the UK. Overall they suggest the UK is somewhere in the … Continue reading

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walks for your MP3 player

This site is a bit north of the river heavy, but the idea is great and it does have a Greenwich walk (which assumes you’ll be coming from North London). I’ve just dropped a note to the good people behind … Continue reading

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