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how web 2.0 aware are you?

Having found out that I have no juice, I now find I’m rubbish at web 2.0 as well. In this test I come out as having 2% awareness. Any more like this and I’ll have to reassess my whole life. … Continue reading

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the carpetbaggers

My thanks to Antonia for bringing this blog to my attention.  Their concept: TWO GUYS JOIN THE TORY PARTY ONE IS BLACK THE OTHER IS WHITE WHAT HAPPENS Ernie Urquhart and Eric Trollope (not real names) had decided to “join” the … Continue reading

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giving up on politicians blogging

I see that Tim Ireland has given up on getting politicians to blog. He says its all politician’s fault and that they’re just too selfish and dense to get it: By and large, MPs have no interest in offering added … Continue reading

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feeling old(er)

I’m not sure if its the sudden on set of lower back pain or opening my new copy of Mojo (a sign in itself) and seeing how old J Mascis looks which is making me feel a fair bit older than … Continue reading

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another local blogger

Go say “hello” to Roy, who has just joined the local blogging scene.

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millwall vs. port vale

As part of Millwall’s attempts to increase their supporter base my son and I got free tickets to their game against Port Vale yesterday. His school had been given an allocation and we thought it would make a fun afternoon. … Continue reading

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white punks on dope

A couple of weeks ago I heard this song on the radio – Tom Robinson since you ask – and thought I’d buy the album. I don’t know, I’m a bit disappointed with the rest of it, too Frank Zappa … Continue reading

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