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Brockley Councillor Blog

Can I welcome yet another Lewisham councillor to the ‘sphere.  On this occasion Dean Walton.  Dean is one of the new Green councillors for Brockley ward, and has started by looking at what has traditionally been the biggest part of … Continue reading

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Blair Watch

Without wanting to step on any other blogger’s niche I couldn’t help wondering whether the Daily Mail over eggs this story: Tony Blair caused an etiquette sensation on Monday when he attended the Newspaper Conference’s annual lunch at the House … Continue reading

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Take Back the Tech

I’ve come across Take Back the Tech a site that is looking at ways that ICT can be used to reduce the level of violence against women : ka-BLOG! is a 16-day blog fest for the Take Back the Tech … Continue reading

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self regulation

The BBC carries a story with a suggestion from the director of the Press Complaints Commission, Tim Toulmin. The story says he suggests that we need a voluntary code of conduct as bloggers otherwise those we offend will have no … Continue reading

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Prawns and spaghetti

Last night I thought I’d try to make something without a recipe book. And this was the result. Not bad for a made up recipe. Anyway here’s what I did. After putting on the water to boil for the spaghetti … Continue reading

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Fantasy Labour Deputy

I didn’t even know I was nominated for this one, so I’m humbled to even have any votes at all.

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Can TV – Geeks doing Good

After waking up in he middle of the night last night – small child having a bad dream – I put the radio on and heard a short piece about Can TV which I’ve googled this morning: In the village … Continue reading

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scrambled eggs

Occasionally I don’t need a huge meal in the evening, and then I think that scrambled eggs are a fantastic option. I use Delia Smith’s method which pretty much delivers perfect eggs every time. Whisk up your eggs – I … Continue reading

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Roast chicken thighs and legs

This one came from Nigel Slater.  The key is the marinade. For which you need 4 limes, 4 hot chilies, 4 spring onions, a piece of ginger about the size of your thumb, and 3 tablespoons of honey.  (The original … Continue reading

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civic engagement (4)

Matthew Taylor’s comments on blogs have been widely reported and commented upon, all pretty much as a result of the way the BBC reported the issue – as far as I can tell. Anyway David, who was there on the … Continue reading