quiero ver un mundo mas socialista

This is the second tee-shirt that my partner gave me when she came back from Chile.

The distinctive glasses, as some may have guessed are those that were worn by Salvador Allende.

Having been given the tee-shirts my partner drew my attention to the last speech that Allende made, as the coup was in full flow and he knew he would die.  I’d not seen it before and it is a remarkable speech, so I bring it to your attention too:

This will surely be my last opportunity to address you. The Air Force has bombed the antennas of Radio Magallanes. My words have neither bitterness but disappointment. They should stand as a moral castigation of those who have been traitors to their oaths…

Radio Magallanes will surely be silenced and the tranquil metal of my voice will no longer reach you. It is not important. You will continue to hear it. I will always be together with you. At least my memory will be that of an upright man who was loyal to the Nation.

The people ought to defend themselves, but not sacrifice themselves. The people ought not let themselves be subdued or persecuted, but neither should they humble themselves.

Workers of my Nation, I have faith in Chile and its destiny. Other men will go beyond this gray and bitter moment when treason tries to impose itself upon us. Continue to know that, much sooner than later, we will reopen the great promenades down which free men pass, to construct a better society.

Long live Chile! Long live the people! Long live the workers!

These are my last words and I have certainty that my sacrifice will not be in vain, I have certainty that, at the least, I will be a moral lesson to castigate felony, cowardice, and treason.

You can hear the whole thing here.


About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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3 Responses to quiero ver un mundo mas socialista

  1. As an Allende buff I’m rather envious (though I don’t wear red garments).

  2. andrewkbrown says:

    What a pity Andrew as I have a spare. Feel free to change your mind about not wearing red.

  3. It’s not a political thing (heavens above!), just being pale and fair, red doesn’t suit me. But with an offer like that how could I not change my mind?

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