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Civic Engagement (3)

I meant to return to the theme of participation and have now found the time to read Paul Skidmore in Prospect. Skidmore argues that neither top down reform or bottom up discontent is likely to impact on civic participation. Top … Continue reading

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too nice

I’m feeling all warm and cuddly about you lot at the moment. Someone has been very nice and nominated me in the Bloggers 4 Labour awards.  Thanks. 

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beef and pearl barley stew

This is just in case you think that I’m the only one doing any cooking in our house.  My partner is an excellent cook and its only recently that I’ve got anywhere near her skill. This combination of stew and … Continue reading

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Athebots evolve

Johninnit has a fantastic cartoon on the subject of teaching creationism in schools. For myself I’ll be going to a variety of school concerts over the coming period and expect to hear a fair bit about the birth of Jesus.  … Continue reading

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Birthday meme

As I’m a blogger called Andrew it looks like I’m allowed to play: The instructions: 1) Go to Wikipedia 2) In the search box, type your birth month and day but not the year. 3) List three events that happened on … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King

This kind of explains the following: Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Don’t know if it will help, but … Continue reading

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stir fry

One of the things I like about doing a stir fry is that I don’t have a set recipe, its pretty much chop up all the vegetables I’ve got in the fridge and stick them in the wok. There is … Continue reading

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the saints and radio birdman

I understand that yesterday was no music day, which I didn’t observe.  But here’s something for those that did and are now in need of a bit of blistering punk music. In the late 1980s I spent a year in … Continue reading

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Governor Brown

I’m sure you won’t have missed that I’ve been approved as a school governor for Haberdashers’ Aske’s by Steve. Last night I had an invitation to an annual education lecture that they run. The subject for the evening was ‘Education … Continue reading

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lewisham isn’t great for everyone

Kate (of Lewisham Sucks fame) has moved blog, where she explains that Adam was her inspiration: i only started the blog thing by accident. i was just searching for differant housing solutions but kept coming up blank, so typed lewisham … Continue reading

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