the inner blogger

There’s loads of advice out there on how to write a better blog, get more visitors, become the next big blog etc. etc.

I’ve even contributed to some of that advice; but I read two recent posts on the content to be different blog that I thought got to the heart of the potential about this blogging business.

First a post about finding your ‘voice‘ which argues that authenticity is key and that if you don’t have what Emily Bell called the inner blogger (free subscription required) you end up sounding like a hack and its then difficult for readers to believe you.  That’s followed by ten good tips, three I particularly liked were:

6. Rediscover passion. You’re in this job because you believe it’s important. Show me. Let me hear you get excited. Let me see the light come on in your eyes.

7. Listen and respond. You’re starting a conversation so listen for the responses and then pick them up and use them. If you’re responding to someone else’s story, answer their point or build on it. No one likes someone who doesn’t listen in a conversation and just waits for their turn to say what they want.

8. Link. The Live Web is not a series of soapboxes. Read what others are saying and engage them in conversation. Respond, answer, point your reader towards others.

The second post is about listening:

… this new web is about listening as well as talking. It’s power and potential lie in the fact that ours is just one voice among many. We have something to say, some contribution to make but so do the countless Bloggers and podcasters who are also passionate about poverty or their local community or the environment or… well any one of countless ‘issues’ that connect with our own agendas. But we have to listen so we can engage and create a relationship…

I like that, “one voice among many” pretty much describes how I view this blog.

Right off to do a bit more listening.

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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