Phone Masts

The News of the World has been asking how much rent council’s make from phone masts.

Lewisham haven’t provided the information but aren’t the only tardy authority in South East London – Southwark don’t tell either.  Others of our neighbouring councils have been more forthcoming:

  • Greenwich – £114,906
  • Tower Hamlets – £69,500
  • Lambeth – £137,016
  • Bexley – £14,473
  • Bromley – £14,063.46

You’ll notice that Bexley and Bromley are making a lot less than the others, which seems to be mirrored in a number of other outer London authorities.  Can’t think of a reason for that unless they have less property to put the masts on of course.

But, this only tells you a bit of the story. What it can’t tell us is how that money is spent.

I know for example that in Lewisham the first year of the rent when it is on council housing is spent on the estate that is hosting the mast. I also know that (unless policy has changed) where residents of council owned housing object to masts being put on their roofs the council will not allow it to happen even if the company gets planning permission.

Further reading: Mobile Phones and Health 2004

(via Tom and Stuart)

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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3 Responses to Phone Masts

  1. Jane says:

    Hi there. I came across your blog because I saw two extremely tall towers, one with three red lights and one with four (vertically placed) from Beckenham last night. I’m not sure the direction I was looking in unfortunately, but could find out. I just wondered if you knew if they were mobile phone masts? It was hard to tell the distance from where I was viewing in Beckenham but it was substantial, and as I saw the towers were exceedingly tall.

  2. andrewkbrown says:

    I’m afraid I can’t be definative about what the masts you saw were, but I’d be very surprised if they were phone masts.

    The masts I’ve seen are largely quite squat with a few that might be 20 or so feet tall.

    I’d guess that in rural areas that might change as they’d need the height to cover more area, but in this case I’d guess the towers you saw were something different.

  3. aaron russell says:

    Three months ago i noticed a squat mast as described had just been erected behind Grove park train staion (s.e London).
    My home is around 1200 yards away from this mast and strangley enough i have been suffering from excrutiating headaches for “yes you guessed it” three months or so.
    I have been to a g.p numurous times only to be given sinus sprays e.t.c none of which have helped!

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