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Congratulations to Joan Ruddock

I see (via Tom Watson) that our local MP, Joan Ruddock, has been re-elected to the Parliamentary Labour Party Committee. In the dim and distant past when I worked for an MP and she was elected to this committee so … Continue reading

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Book Amnesty – Early Learning Centre

One of the things that we promised ourselves we’d do more of this year is culling the kids toys.¬† Its not (just) that they get underfoot, its more there seem to be so many that they no longer play with. … Continue reading

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Having a Mayor

A fair chunk of the local political blog scene have been telling us why they don’t like a directly elected mayor so I thought I should use my small voice to say why (on balance) I’m happy with the system. … Continue reading

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Pork and Sage

Pork and Sage Originally uploaded by Andrew K Brown. This is from Jamie’s Italy, which my partner was given for Christmas. You start by par-boiling some diced potatoes for a couple of minutes. When they’re done drain and leave to … Continue reading

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Lewisham Round Up

I’m sure I missed a whole load of stuff while I was away, but here’s what I’ve seen since coming back. Mayor nods to poor project¬†– Save Ladywell aren’t happy (again). This time they think the new pool in the … Continue reading

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Lamb stuffed with dates and stacked potatoes

Lamb stuffed with dates Originally uploaded by Andrew K Brown. This lamb bit of this meal comes from the BBC, but I don’t do the vinaigrette that is suggested. As you can see it is a pretty simple recipe. Cut … Continue reading

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I Was A Vinyl Junkie

Singles Originally uploaded by Andrew K Brown. I can’t quite explain how excited I am. I’ve just got my hands on a USB turntable, after a good few years without a turntable at all. Suddenly all the records that I’ve … Continue reading

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Five Things

Having been tagged by Adam here’s my five things you might not know about me. I wasn’t born in this country and could, if I wanted, have 3 different passports. I nearly died when I was 3 weeks old as … Continue reading

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So I’m back from my holiday, what did I miss? I am pleased to see that the Inspector has a new home (v swish too); that Kate has some resolutions; Sue is interested in alternatives to virtual (ie unfunded) CCTV; … Continue reading

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