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Children Looked After by Local Authorities, Year Ending 31 March 2006

For anyone interested in what’s going on with some of the most vulnerable children in our society will find the documents here very valuable. As you’ll expect I’ll focus on what they tell us about Lewisham, but there are figures … Continue reading

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Butternut Squash and Tomato Soup

Butternut Squash and Tomato Soup Originally uploaded by Andrew K Brown. This is based on a recipe from the Delicious magazine. It’s the first time I’ve made soup and I was delighted with the results.

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Lewisham Round Up

Lewisham police harass campaigners “THE NORTHERN end of Lewisham High Street in south London is a regular Saturday morning haunt for a variety of left-wing paper sellers and campaigners” and now apparently video toting police officers. The Big Blowdown: It … Continue reading

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More Talbot

On the off chance that Punch aren’t scouring the ‘sphere to find out what people think of their investment plans for The Talbot I thought it might be a good idea to tell them. So having contacted Nick from Brockley … Continue reading

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Curiouser and Curiouser

The News Shopper follow up their story on Cllr Kentman: A LIBERAL Democrat councillor who was expelled from the party has denied all the allegations made against her.Cllr Sera Kentman, who is currently the subject of a police investigation, says … Continue reading

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RSA conference

Thanks to David for pointing out this free conference that looks quite interesting.  The blurb says it will focus on: the political culture and norms that the internet has been instrumental in fostering, both in relation to centralised politics and … Continue reading

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Vermiculture Digest

At the moment we’re doing one of those things that you do with your kids; creating a worm farm. So when I came across this blog it struck a cord. Here’s Alex describing the idea behind the blog: I decided … Continue reading

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Lewisham Round Up

Clocks, Locks, Ghosts & Mangoves Lady K has a photo of the pavement London Trip: Day Six It’s my last day here in merry old England. I was up early this morning to go down to Maggie’s in Lewisham for … Continue reading

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Chicken and okra

Chicken and okra Originally uploaded by Andrew K Brown. Saturday dinner cooked while listening to England bowl Kenya out in the World Cup.

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On not seeing Art Brut

I’d been looking forward to seeing Art Brut last night; we’d packed the kids off to friends, got our glad rags on, and made our way to Goldsmiths (via The Royal Albert – ex Paradise Bar) . But when did … Continue reading

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