Lewisham Round Up

  1. blog.myspace.com/deafinitive

    “Two degrees cooler than Catford according to Yahoo weather, I’m amazed they can be so specific, Lewisham has it’s own weather, too.”

  2. Bridget The Midget

    An Englishman in Lancashire who seems quite angry

  3. Shel’s blog

    “Our old gov’nor which dosses in Lewisham, swelled be thy moniker.” It’s not the Lords Prayer

  4. Lewisham Walking Festival 2007- Ladywell Walks

    Sue has a local walk for local people

  5. A couple of thankyous

    Kate thanks people who’ve been nice to her

  6. Catford Construction

    it isn’t just new buildings that need looking after

  7. Lewisham Unease

    Richard points out that even Lewisham has its moments

  8. Crematoriums Order Bigger Furnaces as Waistlines…

    Another blogger notices our big door.

  9. Sun over Lewisham Station

    Adam commutes and takes photos

  10. Larger Crematoriums For Larger People

    We can boast a big door on our crem.

  11. Brockley Blogs

    Howard thinks he’s found 8. I think it’ll depend how he defines Brockley as there seems to be a bit of a land grab into Ladywell and Lewisham Central.

  12. Alcohol interventions with domestic violence arrestees, Lewisham

    Apparently Lewisham has the highest volume of reported domestic violence across the London boroughs. This post is about a short term project to try interventions around alcohol.

  13. Back to Nature in London

    Robert has a nice day at Devonshire Road.

  14. Another girl, another planet

    Transpontine notes the Forest Hill drug pusher/rock ‘n’ roll cross over.

  15. Rules for collecting Large items and Fly Tipping

    The TRA want their members to know

  16. That’s what I call empowering communities!

    Max on the council’s constitution

  17. Another day, another glorious victory…

    Apparently Philip Peake is a hard quiz master.

  18. A PROJECT A DAY…: Day 29, project 29 (d29: p29)

    Designing a badge for the South East London Senior Welfare Association

  19. London Pools Campaign: news from the campaign…

    The campaign congratulate Steve and look forward to him opening more swimming pools.

  20. New Gates for Hilly Fields

    Sue thinks they look nice

  21. The walls come tumbling down

    The Forest Hill Society doing good

  22. Bridget’s letter to Lewisham

    I intend to take my place among the marchers straight after my advice surgery that day. I’d be delighted to see some of you there too. The march starts at noon opposite the cat statue in Rushey Green. There will be a one-minute silence outside Lewisham

  23. The Undead Take Hilly Fields

    The undead are a perennial problem in SE4, hence the need for coteries of zombie hunters and the like.

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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