Lewisham Round Up

  1. UK Gun Control Failures: week of May 12, 2007

    David thinks we’d be better off if we had more guns.

  2. South London Schemes To Share New £4m Road Safety Grant

    Lewisham will receive £179,000 for young drivers volunteer training

  3. White elephants

    An analysis of some difficult decisions being made in the NHS.

  4. Tigers in London

    How terrorism in SE Asia affects us in SE London

  5. Open letter to Mayor Bullock

    Max pits his understanding of the constitution against Lewisham’s lawyers.

  6. Upcoming events

    Lewisham Council and the BCAG are undertaking a clean up at Brockley Station on Tuesday May 15th, 2.30 pm onwards

  7. Do Lewisham police ever answer the phone?

    It’s a good question

  8. Brockley and the curse of the phantom Co-Op

    “Do YOU know the whereabouts of the phantom Co-Op?”

  9. Prints ads etc

    “Our goal, simple! The exploration, the unification, the sublation, of art into life …” and apparently it can be found at Lewisham Arthouse

  10. Eye catching

    “a sign on the old ABC cinema to say that due to “abortive negotiations” the first floor cinema was available to let.”


    “New Cross is a great place because people can dress up and try as hard as they like, but they are still in New Cross.”

  12. Consortium Bids for Charlton

    “Al Anpardew’s exact wealth is a closely-guarded secret, but he is rumoured to own a palatial London mansion in the much sought after “South Greenwich Village” (previously known as Lewisham).”

  13. And now, because nobody asked me to…

    “It has often been said that if the entire population of China were to link arms they would go around the world at least three times. Today the people of China are set to prove it.” Sponsored by a Lewisham restaurant says Citizen M

  14. 07 May 2007

    Moe has the news that’s fit to print

  15. Lewisham Primary Care Trust public meeting: 16 May

    If you’ve an interest in how they’re working get along to the Civic Suite in Catford

  16. Gertie Contemplates her Buddhist Writing Retreat

    “People wrote some lovely stuff about / kids playing with stones, red squirrels, / Indian slums, shopping in Lewisham, / and this creepy one about being killed by a lilly.”

  17. Lee Manor Annual Plant Mart

    12th May says Paul

  18. This is not a plastic bag

    Sue thinks she’s found the next “must have accessory for all shoppers in Lewisham!”

  19. New Activities for Young People in Ladywell Ward – Ta-dah!

    There’s some film making, some film showing, and some sport.

  20. Post-election blue/s

    Francis sits in Blackheath watching the election fall out.


About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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2 Responses to Lewisham Round Up

  1. Lone Ranger says:


    The Council sent to the naughty step. Although a bit old it may be relevant as the council is carrying out consultation on Special Needs.

  2. David says:

    2) UK Gun Control Failures
    If the point of gun control laws is to eliminate crime and violence, they don’t work. The UK is now looking at Knife and Samuri Sword registries to stop their use in crime and violence.

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