Lewisham Round Up

  1. New pool

    “Enter the plans for the new 25m pool; construction started in January and is forging ahead, if reports are to be believed!”

  2. Setting the boundaries

    “I’ve always regarded Deptford as having a rather unnatural relationship to Lewisham Borough, under whose remit we fall. It’s stuck out at the top of the borough, a long way from the Town Hall and administrative centre in Catford, and often feels like we

  3. Ghost Foreign Secretary

    James Cleverly gets a promotion before he’s even won an election

  4. Making sense

    Max gets his moment at Mayor and Cabinet. They don’t seem to find him all that compelling though.

  5. Party in the Park!

    Paul passes on the message that Manor House Gardens User Group invites you to their Party in the Park in Manor House Gardens on Saturday 7th July from 11am ’til 6pm.

  6. Power to the Young People

    “The Young Mayor for Lewisham and South Kilburn NDC Youth Board are great examples of young people being empowered through making real choices about real budgets to improve their local areas.”

  7. takin’ it to the streets

    Jez has an excellent account of the Brockley clean up day

  8. Milford Tower blues

    Henry on the unloved towers of Catford

  9. And another …

    “the interview lesson is with a bottom set year 9 group. Are they trying to scare me off?”

  10. Beware of the community man!

    Max isn’t sure that Barry’s ideas are all they appear

  11. Postcode Pilot

    Robert wants some residents of SE23 to take part in a theatrical show/tv pilot at the Brockley Jack Theatre on June 5th and 7th

  12. Unison Young Members Weekend

    “I’ve discovered that the managers of Lewisham libraries are evil capitalist running-dogs who like nothing better than oppressing the proletariat.”

  13. The missing LINK

    Nick has found where it is supposed to be, but not the actual machine

  14. Another Great Reason to love Brockley

    Pirates preferred to ninjas


    Paul passes on the message about a planting day on Staplehurst Road on 19 May

  16. The Morgan Report

    John tells us about how our local con artist was caught and brought to justice.


About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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