Lewisham Round Up

  1. Sociable or Community Minded?

    Rob does compare and contrast between SE London and Spain

  2. a letter to the mayor of london…….

    “I live in Hither Green and am getting very concerned about travel. I have an Oyster card, which I enjoy using. Today is a bank holiday and I am stuck, there are no Oyster outlets open in Lewisham, today I need to top up.”

  3. A park and a half

    The Dame extols the virtues of Brookmill Park

  4. “Brockley: understated gem”

    Do you want Brockley to be discovered? I know we live in darkest south London, but really!

  5. Now you see it . . .

    Sue shows us how lovelewisham works

  6. The Brockley Max Festival: June 1st – 9th

    Nick waxes lyrical about the festival.

  7. Relocation of travellers’ site from Thurston Road

    Andrew M explains why he thinks the travellers’ site shouldn’t go to Church Grove

  8. My next councillor’s surgery

    Andrew wants you to go see him. Sounds like he’s a bit lonely.

  9. Planning Applications in Ladywell Ward

    Sue lets people know what’s in the works.

  10. Tesco comes to Brockley

    Nick or maybe John thinks that the old furniture shop on Lewisham Way will be the second Tesco’s on Lewisham Way/Loampit Vale.

  11. Urban History: Brockley

    “Brockley means “Clearing in the woods”, “Badgers’ Meadow”, “O’Broca’s place”, “The place by the Brook” and “Where they made bricks” depending on where you look.”

  12. Street Preachers

    “so i am standing outside peacocks in lewisham and this christian preacher man is giving it large”

  13. Tennis in Brockley

    Nick has tips for the aspiring tennis players of this bit of the borough

  14. Permanent Revolution

    More Troskyist thinking in Lewisham’s unions.

  15. Start Talking??

    “In some parts of the country, mixed race children are already in the majority among non-white pupils. In Lewisham, south London, for example, 11% of school-age children are mixed race, while in Nottingham the figure is 8%.”

  16. American Gun Law

    Aaron finds reasons to be chearful should he be shot in Lewisham

  17. THE END

    Kate’s had enough.

  18. Forest Hill Society: Cleaning up in Forest Hill

    Michael asks for help

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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3 Responses to Lewisham Round Up

  1. lovelewisham says:

    Interesting to see the ‘advanced detachment of the working class’ considering a stand over Lewisham Homes. It would be more understandable if it was in defence of a top-rate service, but sadly our service users haven’t been getting such a good deal (Kate) over the past few years. Let’s hope Lewisham Homes can turn things around. That would be good for both the staff and our residents.

  2. andrewkbrown says:

    Well as you know Nigel I’m always [cough] sympathetic to the arguments that Trotskyists come up with… It must only be a matter of days before the objective conditions are ripe for a socialist revolution don’t cha think?

  3. lovelewisham says:

    Anarchic management, Trotskyite trade unions. I offerred to step-in with a good purge a few years ago, but the then Exec Director declined my kind offer! Are we ready for the summer block-buster: ” Andrew Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (RSL)” ?

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