Catford Beer Festival

Along with what seemed like half of Lewisham’s Lib Dem councillors I spent the evening at the 15th Annual Catford Beer Festival.  And nice to meet Paul H who has occasionally commented on this blog.

Anyway here’s the SELCAMRA blurb about the festival:

The Festival will feature over 70 fantastic British real ales served on two bars. There will also be a range of foreign bottled beers from Belgium, Holland and Germany. For those who want to try something different there will also be 20 interesting ciders, 9 Perries and English country wines available.

The beers I tried were all very good – and I think I just about stayed this side of the sensible drinking line – but they don’t half insist on some silly names. One of my drinking companions had a pint of something called “Grandma wouldn’t like it”, while another ended our evening with a half of “Rambler’s Ruin”.

Should you have a spare evening tonight or tomorrow then you might want to get along to the Broadway Theatre in Catford to sample the delights for your self.

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About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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2 Responses to Catford Beer Festival

  1. Mr Hornsby says:

    Good to meet you too Andrew, though I’m afraid I may have strayed slightly over the sensible drinking line by the time we met.
    Thanks for the encouragement with the blog. More on that soon.
    We had a great night out, I’d highly recommend it to anyone.

  2. Knit Nurse says:

    I second the comment about the silly names. I noticed a beer mat down at the Dog & Bell last night advertising ‘Heavenly Body’ from the Brentwood Brewing Company. It was accompanied by a picture of a blonde woman in a long dress. When I looked at their website I see that they also produce the hilariously-titled ‘Summer Virgin. A taste of things to come…’

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