Lewisham Round Up

  1. Welcome to my regular column for my constituents: June 15th 2007

    “This is why, whenever I am asked on my regular school visits which I believe to be the greatest acheivements of the Labour Government I always focus on the provision of nursery places for 3 and 4 year olds.”

  2. Elect Martin Powell-Davies for NUT Vice President

    The people who want teachers to be led by Martin explain why. Seems to be a lot to do with him being prepared to go on strike.

  3. Launch Readings for ‘A Storm Between Fingers’: from June 14, 2007

    Poetry reading at Lewisham Library 5th July 8pm

  4. Bl*gger!

    Robert suggests a get together.

  5. White Stripes in Brockley

    Transpontine takes us through the pop history of the Rivoli

  6. Shame on Lewisham: Welcome

    Kate has a new blog

  7. See it while you can

    The Dame looks across the water

  8. Amusing notice

    ‘This shop no longer stocks cider for 59p. This measure has been taken in order to curb antisocial behaviour in the area’.

  9. Bin in Catford

    The Man takes collection of a new, slimmer, bin.

  10. Lewisham Gateway

    Nick takes a look at the plans for the gateway and the objections that have been put by campaigners.

  11. Where is Sarf London?

    Bob defines his terms.

  12. Deptford Creek; low-tide walks

    The Dame gets down in the mud

  13. Ranting comenses now!

    Kate’s back and she’s mad as hell

  14. Project 365, Day 30

    The musing scientist takes a stroll through Lewisham’s latest park.

  15. the brush off

    Jonty gets a reply from TfL about Oyster facilities in the borough

  16. People’s Day

    goes all MySpace

  17. Sarf London

     It seemed to feel like coming home.

  18. The Dog & Bell

    The Dame: “The Dog & Bell is something of a Deptford/South East London CAMRA institution, so it is surprising how many people in the area have never been there, or have heard of it but don’t know where it is.” She does and likes it.

  19. Lewisham Central Localities Fund: £10,000 for our area

    Andrew wants some ideas.

  20. My Week

    Amongst other meetings Andrew finds time to pay tribute to former councillor Les Eytle who was given the freedom of the borough last Friday.


About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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