Lewisham Round Up

  1. Brockley Open Studios

    Nick reminds us of the fantastic Brockley Open Studios weekend, where you can go and see local artists in their environment and buy their stuff.

  2. Little peoples day

    Kate looks forward to Under 5’s Day


    They shout at us on MySpace.

  4. The Tower

    The Done Thing thinks it’s better TV than Big Brother.

  5. Can’t believe it won’t have windows!

    The campaign seem to suggest that a feasibility study is the same as architectural designs. I’m not sure they’ve got that right.

  6. Havelock Walk Open Studios

    One of Robert’s favourite Forest Hill events

  7. Cheerful Ghost of the Ultra-Left Returns

    Richard on how to sell newspapers (or not) without irritating the people you’d like to buy them.

  8. Pictures from holbeach summer fair

    Kate records the event

  9. Streetcar behind Ladywell Leisure Centre

    A Green advocating vehicle use? Well not quite.

  10. Friends of Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries

    Sue is hoping a group can be organised

  11. Welcome to the Society’s June Newsletter

    The Forest Hill Society have a number or articles that may be of interest, start hear and work back.

  12. Made in Deptford: At last!

    The Dame seems excited.

  13. Travellers’ Site relocation: update

    Andrew outlines why he isn’t happy with the recommendations.

  14. Amersham Arms Closed for Summer

    for a facelift apparently

  15. did you hear the one about the about…?

    “Come on Planet Pepys, don’t let another decade of decline and dissolution follow the dissent and decay of the last! Self provide.”

  16. The Tower starts tomorrow night at 10:35pm on BBC1

    In anticipation of the television series

  17. Fighting Fascists in Deptford, 1933

    Transpontine tells us about an earlier fight against Fascism while reminding us that 30th anniversary of the Battle of Lewisham is round the corner

  18. Up Catford

    On buying a belt

  19. Brockley PFI signed

    Sue welcomes the investment in housing even if she doesn’t like the vehicle that’s delivered it.

  20. Gordon Brown, Leader of the Labour Party

    As part of his speech on becoming Leader of the Labour Party Gordon Brown spoke about meeting “teenagers in Lewisham wanting better chances of education after school”.

  21. This is Brockley

    Howard visits the fayre

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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9 Responses to Lewisham Round Up

  1. johninnit says:

    Gah! Your mention of Open Studios made me think about our own ones over the border, so I checked the site http://www.greenwichopenstudios.org/ and found they were last weekend & I missed them. d’oh, d’oh, d’oh!
    I may need to go to Brockley to compensate. Paul de Monchaux might be quite fun especially. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi andrew

    Perhaps you’d like to expand on your gnomic statement regarding the Ladywell Pool?

  3. andrewkbrown says:

    Sure, Richard. The design drawings that the campaigners draw attention to describe how the land will be used, not how the buildings will look or the where any windows might be.

    I’m not saying that there will or won’t be windows – how can I know – just I don’t think that anyone can be sure what the design of the buildings will be from the drawings they show us.

    You’ll see if you take a look at their website that Max (or I rather I assume it’s Max) disagrees with my assessment.

  4. Max says:

    Well, the drawings specify that there wil be a garden on top there and as the pool room has taller buildings all around one can safely assume that if the brief doesn’t change there won’t be any windows.
    I noticed another thing today. Only the 6 lanes option has the shape of the pool to show how it will fit, the 8 lane doesn’t. I tried with photoshop on a screenshot of the 6 lane option widening it of 1/3 and the result is that there is not much space around, so the 250 spectator seats (less than half of Ladywell) forecast could really struggle to fit in there.
    It’s another indication of how the mix of the development is unbalanced and the leisure side is made to suffer. I don’t think that they need to do so, only that they want to get more money out of it.

  5. Lone Ranger says:

    I notice the council discussed abandoning Area Forums to be replaced by Ward Assemblies and the suggestion ‘community assests’ might be hand other to the wards.

    At the moment Ladywell Leisure Centre I assume is a community asset as it’s publicly owned, would that be the same for the new leisure centre?

    Would the plot at Loampit Vale be more or less valuable to a developer if they did not have to provide a Leisure Centre?

  6. This is the problem with ‘outline planning permission’ though isn’t it?

    Permission for a site to be razed is given and then more detailed plans for the buildings would be submitted (correct me if I’m wrong)

    So, for instance, if ‘outline planning permission’ is granted for the Gateway then the site would be cleared, roads rerouted etc etc in readiness for whatever the developers would deem be suitable for the residents of Lewisham and what they can bully past the limp Lewisham Council.

    I saw you wax slightly lyrical about the Sundermead estate somewhere else (or maybe here), but, judging from the outside, there are at least 3 shameful architectural design detail errors that would make even the most pedestrian of architects shudder in disbelief – I’ll leave you to work out what they might be ;). But perhaps this is an example of lack of attention to detail by all concerned with the Sundermead.

    Multiply the Sundermead by the Gateway/Loampit development and we can only (at the moment) dream of the accident waiting to happen.

    Incidentally, these are my own thoughts and not neccesarily representative of the residents objection to the gateway scheme – be we all know that blogs aren’t serious
    ( 😉 again)

    Another incidentally – it’s on record that one of AMEC’s representatives has said: “We believe the Lewisham Gateway scheme is fundamentally robust from all perspectives including the treatment of the Quaggy.”

    It’s easy to say isn’t it, and you wouldn’t expect anything else, but, If in years to come, this isn’t proved to be the case, who will be around to take the can?

    If, now, there are concerns about the Sundermead Estate (and I’m not saying there are) who would be responsible?

    Power without responsibility is a pretty immoral game to play.

  7. andrewkbrown says:

    In this case Richard I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “responsible”. Are you talking about who’d have to make good repairs, or something different?

  8. No need to be so coy andrew

  9. andrewkbrown says:

    It’s not being “coy”, Richard, it’s a genuine question.

    Who are you asking to be responsible for what?

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