Tour de Deptford

So this weekend brings the Tour de France to London and through Deptford.

I’m hoping we’ll get down to see some of the bikes wizz past, though I have to admit that my interest in the Tour isn’t as great as it was when Greg LeMond and Miguel Indurain were riding.

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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5 Responses to Tour de Deptford

  1. Knit Nurse says:

    hi Andrew

    I’ve just posted the Dame’s guide to the festival, if you need any hints….!

  2. Knit Nurse says:

    I’ve just posted the Dame’s guide to the festival, if you’re needing any hints!

  3. Knit Nurse says:

    Sorry about the repetition – having a bit of trouble with the comments system. But I think it bears repeating…!

  4. Reidski says:

    Lemond’s last win, in that time trial going down the Champs Elysses, was amazing, winning the title by under 10 seconds, if memory serves me right.

    The year that Ullrich won the title, I wrote a piece predicting that he would dominate the Tour for years to come. Felt a bit stupid that, next year and for the next six, along came Armstrong to prove me 100% wrong.

    The drugs scandals have tarnished cycling for me, but I’ll be along to the prologue on Saturday and in Deptford to see them off on Sunday.

  5. I remember when Tom Simpson died (and on the front page of the Daily Express the next day), and I remember many of the great mountain breakaways – especially the one where Bjarne Riis looked over his shoulder, saw the field dropping away, and then sped off, but was disappointed to read a little while ago that he admitted doping to get that tour win and had relinquished it.

    I also remember Bernard Hinault and Greg Lemond coming out of the fog arm in arm on one mountain top finish and Stephen Roche (who I later met) who also made that effort on a mountain top.

    Sean Kelly, etc etc

    The list is endless . . .

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