Lewisham Round Up

  1. Summer distractions & floods

     “I believe there are small pockets of Forest Hill that have underground water courses (hidden rivers, such as one behind Sunderland Road I believe) so I hope you weren’t badly affected.”

  2. The Sultan, Lewisham High Road, 4:30pm

    From Dodgy Boozers: “Timbered room, toilet outside at back with grills letting the rain through, stunk of piss, reached up a passage reeking of vomit.”

  3. Lewisham London Borough Council v. Malcolm (Disability Rights Commission intervening) – WLR Daily

    “A landlord, in bringing proceedings for possession against a tenant who had unlawfully sublet his premises, unlawfully discriminated against the tenant since the tenant had a mental impairment…”

  4. Lewisham Tamil School

    Who does what.

  5. Racism and Resistance in South East London: A Chronology

    “The Battle of Lewisham did not come out of nowhere; it was one moment in a longer history of racism and resistance in this part of London.”

  6. Battling Fascism in Britain

    “There were over 4,000 police on the streets of Lewisham that day protecting the NF.”

  7. Welcome to Lewisham ’77

    A new blog telling the story of the Battle of Lewisham

  8. News on the Ladywell pool saga

    Kate is disappointed it’ll be Loampit Vale

  9. Indicative plans for Northbrook school

    Paul offers a “once in a lifetime” opportunity.

  10. I decide!

    The Dame may get to participate

  11. Pix from The Gaffer’s Birthday Tour

    Richard and friends dance in Deptford

  12. Menace and Morris

    Richard travels by bus.

  13. ‘Leaves on the Line’ at the Brockley Jack

    Nick brings us a theatre review

  14. The Tower

    Transpontine gives us his take.

  15. Who’s the (wo)man?

    Kate is, and this time she’s got the FOI answer to what happened to the money from Aragon Tower

  16. Life, news, the world and plastic

    On the suitability of vegetables for windscreens

  17. A tale of two places

    Henry compares Catford and Tunbridge Wells. Guess which he prefers.

  18. I just bought one of these.

    Tony accesorises

  19. The Tower Deptford

    Andrew O makes a welcome return to blogging and says to the producers of The Tower, “chutzpah is your forte but not a successful parachute for the death of old media. We all have our own cameras now and were ready to shoot.”

  20. Cycling on south London roads

    but not Lewisham roundabout, says dreamer

  21. Hill-a-review

    Nick says ‘it’s a start’.

  22. Safer Neighbourhood advice at Upper Brockley Road

    where to find the police in Brockley this week

  23. Lock Tavern buys the Amersham Arms

    Brockley Central on more pubs changing hands in Lewisham

  24. Happy Birthday to This

    Richard’s blog is two. Hip hip hooray!

  25. kate’s moblog

    Kate has yet another blog.

  26. Oscar’s Little Ray of Sunshine

    An optimistic Lib Dem thinks they’ll take Lewisham in 2010

  27. Lewisham, London 1940

    ‘Someone knew for certain the Germans were going to invade this weekend, and they’d be in London by Monday unless our boys looked sharp. There are always rumours doing the rounds. It’s difficult to know who to believe.”

  28. Maybe it’s because I’m not a Londoner

    On not standing for the position of London Mayor

  29. Fountain

    What happens when it rains very very hard in Lewisham

  30. PRC still closed

    Planet Pepys wants to know why the resource centre remains closed.

  31. Gateways and Triangles

    The Inspector reminds us how many redesigns Lewisham has had, and thinks we’re pretty.

  32. Blast from the past

    The Dame makes shortcake and reminds us of a vegetarian restaurant.

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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2 Responses to Lewisham Round Up

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    This is the Clash performing ‘Bankrobber’ filmed in lewisham.

    A resident shows Lewisham Council how to build a bollard….

  2. Richard says:

    Many thanks for the link. I’ve now found the reason why two of your guests have visited me over the last few days. I had previously thought that it was something to do with the fact that I lived in SE13 for 4 years in the early 80s and that all ex-residents were on a secret database somewhere.

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