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Lewisham Round Up

London Assembly Campaign Launch The clock starts ticking on Sue’s expenses Armed only with Peer-reviewed Science Sue on the mysterious appearance of Lewisham’s bins over at Heathrow lewisham roundabout Dreamer thinks about the roundabout’s future from a cyclist’s perspective Answers … Continue reading

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Lewisham Round Up

Going for a song East of Dulwich points out that libraries lend more than books Evelyn Suna Cleverly James C remembers his mother What would you like to see in the refurbished Manor House Library? Paul has the details of … Continue reading

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Howard over at The Coterie of Zombies is making even more progress on his Brockzilla Project: As of tomorrow, there will be a folder at the Broca cafe, just outside Brockley station, where they’ll be keeping the artwork that they … Continue reading

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The Rise of Local Citizen Journalism?

I’ve not really brought into the citizen journalism idea of blogging; it’s always seemed a poor imitation of what we get from mainstream journalism.  Not surprising really when it is being done with fewer resources and less training and little … Continue reading

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Everything but Beetroot

I’ve decided to start a “proper” food blog and should you be interested in that you’ll find it at Everything but Beetroot. Should you actually like beetroot then you may want to get yourself to the Love Beetroot site.

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Lewisham Round Up (extra)

Paul has the details of the meeting of the Lewisham Cyclists which is tomorrow.

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Hatcham Social

From the look of things Hatcham Social is a local band and a damned fine one at that, drawing on 80’s indie pop in a way you don’t hear all that often these days. Check out their MySpace site.

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KP gets his Tonne

Went to the last day of the Test Match today to see if England could save the match. They did and in the process we got to see Kevin Peitersen make a hundred and Vaughan, Collingwood and Bell all play … Continue reading

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Lewisham Round Up

Sterile Neighbourhoods Act Transpontine thinks the Council are using the Act in a bit of a heavy handed way. I had to change my name because Lewisham Council are cunts Apparently the Council have more powers than even I’d appreciated. … Continue reading

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Save The Boozer Association

Save The Boozer Association has a call to arms from local resident (and former councillor) Liam Curren: The loss of the Rutland Arms was the final straw. Slowly but surely over the years, our pubs have been closing down one … Continue reading

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