Lewisham Round Up

  1. Sterile Neighbourhoods Act

    Transpontine thinks the Council are using the Act in a bit of a heavy handed way.

  2. I had to change my name because Lewisham Council are cunts

    Apparently the Council have more powers than even I’d appreciated.

  3. Teenage kicks

    Why Lewisham Council would want to know the answer to the question is a bit beyond me.

  4. Mulled Whines

    Phil thinks he’d want to die if he lived here

  5. Team Nice Gets Political

    Interview with a local Lib Dem and occasional blogger Simon Carter

  6. Court of Appeal ruling gives disabled tenants anti discrimination protection in eviction process

    Disability World on why the DDA trumps housing law, at least in this case.

  7. Youth workers making me angry!

    The (late) Breakfast Society don’t think much of the attitude being shown

  8. Sera Kentman resigns

    Suz notes the passing of the Lib Dem councillor for Whitefoot – I particularly enjoyed the accusations of mudslinging in the comments.

  9. Policing in Lewisham ’77

    An extract from a book, edited by Cabinet Minister Peter Hain, suggesting the police were looking for a fight.

  10. Lewisham ’77 Press Release

    a communication to the world beyond the ‘sphere

  11. Lewisham ’77 in literature

    The anti-fascist/sci-fi cross over

  12. Lewisham ’77 Map

    Lewisham 77 have a map of what went down

  13. DLR

    James H captures the train

  14. Disgraced Lib Dem councillor fails to show

    James C notes there’s to be a by-election in Whitefoot.

  15. Tetra Pak Recycling in Lewisham

    Sue recognises that the Council occasionally have ideas about recycling before she suggests them.

  16. Cake and creativity news

    The Dame reviews her new local cafe, and I think it looks worth a visit or two

  17. Deptford in bloom

    The Dame has been growing things

  18. Project Brockzilla

    Howard’s idea gets legs… and there may be “a battle between giant ants and zombies in the shadows of Prendergast School.”

  19. Brockley is Protected by Giant Robots!

    Howard has an idea which he says is a “kinda Brock-zilla thing”

  20. Bird Champion of Mountsfield Park

    Andrew M tells us of a new official post

  21. Welcome to my regular column for my constituents: 9th August 2007

    Bridget P is supporting Skip for Whitefoot

  22. Q: When is a masterplan not a masterplan?

    Nick gets some answers on what the plans are for Brockley Cross

  23. Men with sticks in Greenwich

    Francis sees Richard dance just across the boarder

  24. Saturday Afternoon in Multicultural Lewisham

    Adam watches the passers by

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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