Lewisham Round Up

  1. New public art commission

    The Anchor in Deptford stands as a much loved landmark and community meeting point and links Deptford’s naval heritage with the busy street market of the present-day. As part of Deptford X 2007 local artist Katie Gilman will transform the hard metal stat

  2. The great sandal strike of 1977

    Transpontine has a lesson from history

  3. Team Nice Gets Political

    A review of what political parties are known for and taking a risk with new shoes “to give a push start to a car on Lewisham high street.”

  4. Defending “outdated” comprehensive education in ‘New Labour’ Lewisham

    Strange how conservative the far left often are. Anyway, Martin Powell Davies doesn’t seem all that pleased with Councillor Massey

  5. A War Story from Hither Green

    My mother had a plate with two hot sausages on, I can see and smell them today. I had just eaten one when the aire raid siren went again.

  6. Everest Curry King, Lewisham (Rail) (7/10)

    Metro London Travel rate my local curry house

  7. Evaluation of Lewisham’s Locally Enhanced Service for alcohol

    Alcohol Policy UK has the details of what the evaluation found

  8. Just because you dont see it doesnt mean it doesnt happen

    Kate wonders what’s going on with gangs

  9. Ken MacLeod and Iain Banks

    Sci-Fi anti-fascists recollect Lewisham in 1977

  10. £10,000 for Ladywell ward – how should it be spent?

    Sue needs your views, as should every councillor in Lewisham

  11. Wavelengths progress

    The Dame is getting excited

  12. Walking around Brockley

    Howard finds spiders and blackberries

  13. Brockzilla

    Deadline is 22 September

  14. My comments on the Lewisham Gateway development

    Andrew M seems broadly supportive

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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2 Responses to Lewisham Round Up

  1. Richard proctor says:

    “andrew m seems broadly supportive” is true, up to a point, but he has his doubts in one or two of the key areas that is fundamental to the project.

    The road system will be less effective than what stands at the present. There can be no argument about this. Journey times through the new raod layout will take three times as long in some cases. This may sound trivial, but if your sitting at the top of Loampit Vale and thinking that it’s going to take you three times as long to get to Lee High Road, I would think that its a depressing thought.

    The only answer to this given by the developers and Council has been that there will be a ‘modal shift’ to public transport, and yet *no-one* has demonstrated how this is going to happen.

    This is just one point of many that will lead, if the plans go past Lewisham, to the degeneration of Lewisham, not the regeneration.

    I will point out that, although the GLA have said they are glad to see that progress has been made in many areas, they have also said that they would reject the plans as they stand if Lewisham Council approves their progress.

    I could go on at length (as you know) but to end, the low-H road system was dreamed up to make room for developers to make high rise blocks – there is no other reason than this – and the low-H road system will not work, and this is proven in the documentation.

    If you don’t support the Low-H then you cannot support the present plans.

    I’m all for regeneration in central Lewisham, but this patently isn’t regeneration.

  2. andrewkbrown says:

    Thanks for your continuing thoughts on this issue Richard.

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