Lewisham Round Up

  1. Song for Lewisham

    “Lewisham is The Greatest Place in the World. And this is our tribute. Lewisham is The Greatest Place in the World”

  2. Walking again, at last

    Rob resumes documenting his trek.

  3. At the Deptford Albany.

    Tony recommends the cafe.

  4. Chucking rubbish all over the bus

    The Inspector catches the Lewisham Gateway developers at it.


    James is off promises to come back and “eat curry, drink alcohol and cherry cola and ponce around Deptford like a bunch of twats (get careers? go back to school?! dole!).”

  6. Forest Hill Society Response to Rail Utilisation Strategy

    “Overall we are disappointed that while the RUS recognises the existing overcrowding and suppressed demand on our line, it fails to deliver any significant improvements for passengers on the Forest Hill / Sydenham line.”

  7. Lewisham Gateway…4th October

    Dean goes into the decision with an open mind

  8. Gabrielle reveals the truth about Brockley…

    “When I was younger, there were some fit guys in Brockley.” Brockley Central has the details of an interview with local girl made good, Gabrielle.

  9. Welcome to my regular column for constituents: September 26th 2007

    Bridget Prentice: “The Young Mayor of Lewisham, Siobhan Bell, was also in Bournemouth yesterday and hosted a very successful event on ‘Young people and policy-making’.”

  10. Lewisham Country Fayre

    “We were also promised some “international live music” – although what we caught was one bloke with an acoustic guitar” says Richard

  11. Landmark parental choice ruling over autistic boy

    Action For Autism on the case of a boy and the choice of school, and the use of budgets…

  12. London in Bloom, another great result!

    Nigel T on another good night for Lewisham.

  13. Adhesives Specialities Building: Application for Demolition

    Sue relays the message that one of Lewisham’s iconic buildings is under threat.

  14. One Man Band

    Richard S celebrates the crash, bang and wallop of our local one man band.

  15. Planning Is For People

    Andrew M suggests that councillors don’t always do what their officers suggest.

  16. Legal age to purchase tobacco to be 18

    Like elsewhere the age at which you can buy fags is going up in Lewisham. Andrew M with the details

  17. The Homeview Saga: the facts

    Brockley Central has a good overview of where things stand with the ex-video shop.

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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