A Challenge in M

Richard has set this one up. Top ten songs beginning with an M* (in alphabetical order):

      • Man in Black – Johnny Cash
      • Marquee Moon – Television
      • Midnight Train to Georgia – Gladys Knight and the Pips
      • Milkshake – Kelis
      • Monkey Trick -The Jesus Lizard
      • More Love – Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
      • Mother Sky – Can
      • Motherless Child – O.V. Wright
      • My Boyfriend’s Back – the Angels
      • Mysteries – Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man

        Outside the ten:

        Made of Stone – Stone Roses,  Money – The Sonics, My Little Brother – Art Brut, Motorhead – Motorhead, Motor City Is Burning – MC5, Morning Dew – King Loser, Male Model – The Undertones, Man-size -PJ Harvey, Memphis Soul Stew – King Curtis, Monkey Gone To Heaven – Pixies, Mote – Sonic Youth, My Favourite Dress – The Wedding Present, MMM Skyscraper I Love You – Underworld, Messin’ With The Kid – The Saints, Mystery Train – Elvis Presley

        * Just to note I didn’t consider songs that started with either The, A, or (Bits of the Title in Brackets)  unless the next word started with an M.

        About Andrew Brown

        I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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        2 Responses to A Challenge in M

        1. bobfrombrockley says:

          Some great songs in that list. Man in Black, Marquee Moon, Midnight Train and Motherless Child – all awesome songs. Kelis I’m not so sure about. Can I know to be cool, but am not aurally sophisticated enough to handle. In your lower list, Motorhead, MC5, King Curtis the Pixies and the Wedding Present all get my vote.

          I got R, and found it incredibly hard!

          By the way, I tagged you for another meme, on political influences.

        2. Richard says:

          You did alright though Bob!

          Did “Stumbling and Mumbling” ever come up with a list?

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