Lewisham Round Up

  1. AGM 3rd October

    Forest Hill Society report. Looks like Michael A triumphed… or is at least still chair.

  2. Lewisham Gateway gets the go ahead

    Kate hopes to have moved by the time it happens

  3. What is the cost of kindness?

    Retrogooseuk returns to continue the praise for Millets in Lewisham.

  4. Lewisham Gateway Application passed

    Andrew M says its not his fault

  5. Gateway Gets Go Ahead

    Dean explains why he didn’t vote with the majority

  6. Answers from Lewisham Council

    Brockley Central has part two of the interview with John Millar, head of planning at Lewisham council. This time they take on the Gateway scheme.

  7. Battle of Lewisham commemorative walk

    Bob was on the walk but hasn’t written about it.

  8. Please come to my concerts!

    Sharon wants you to go see her on Sunday 14th October where the Trafalgar Prom at Catford Broadway Theatre takes place. “Lewisham Concert Band will be celebrating Nelson’s great sea victory along with their 40th anniversary.”

  9. Thinking on your feet – using mobiles to cut CO2

    Greenbang notices claims from the Council that may have a more significant impact on the environment than “real” nappies.

  10. Reporting & Sorting!

    Nigel is impressed with Cllr Keogh

  11. Health matters

    Henry on a proposed shake-up

  12. More Reality TV for Troubled Teenagers

    The Troubled Teen Blog isn’t all that impressed with concept of the show about Lewisham care leavers going to South Africa.

  13. Brockzilla Private View

    I’m sorry not to have been able to go to this, but it looks like fun was had, and remember prints can be bought.

  14. Real Nappies For London – Lewisham Launch

    Choice is good, but I’m personally glad to have got past that stage. PS – remember there’s no proven environmental benefit from “real” nappies…

  15. Lewisham ’77 – November 10th conference

    Another chance to reflect on what happened and the continuing significance of the Battle of Lewisham.

  16. 2 More Awards!

    Nigel is justifiably proud of the Environment Division and its partners

  17. Save Cafe Crema

    Transpontine says there’s a threat to the cafe and a Facebook group to save it.

  18. Larging it

    Henry on what an older person needs to do to get an ASBO around here.

  19. Love thy neighbour

    The Dame on honesty in Deptford

  20. Thames Water

    Andrew M on how not to treat your customers.

  21. Murderous wildlife

    The Deptford Lads recall how disturbing foxes can be.


About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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5 Responses to Lewisham Round Up

  1. I’m going to write about the walk, I promise. Which reminds me: it is a year since you tagged me for a meme, and I wrote the post, which must be languishing in my Drafts folder still… Another think for the to do list!

  2. Kay Wagland says:

    More confusion on nappies – washable nappies have been proven to have environmental benefits over disposables. Flawed as it is, the 2005 Environment Agency life cycle assessment on the different types still said that washing nappies at home resulted in less carbon emissions and dramatically less waste than using disposables. You may have fallen for the disposables manufacturers association selective publicity on the report. Women’s Environmental Network is looking for a clear message from the Agency to parents on what is best for the environment when using nappies (rather than a mix of complex data that can be manipulated).

  3. andrewkbrown says:

    Thanks for the comment Kay. My memory was that the Environment Agency did their own publicity on this research, but maybe I’m mistaken.

    Always good to have clear messages, although complex data doesn’t usually give simple answers in my experience.

  4. Peter says:

    Good Blog I wish I could do this

  5. andrewkbrown says:

    Thanks Peter, we’ll get you there.

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