Sneaky Feelings – Dunedin Double EP

I have no idea when I got my copy of the Dunedin Double EP but I can be pretty sure that it wasn’t in 1982 when it came out. I’d guess I bought it towards the end of the decade on the strength of it containing a few songs by The Chills and being on New Zealand’s indie label Flying Nun.

In any case it’s been sitting on my selves for a long, long time gathering dust and moving with us every so often as we’ve moved houses waiting patiently for me to rediscover the joy of vinyl, or at least the joy of ripping vinyl to a digital format.

So today as I came home from work up popped Sneaky Feelings contribution to the record, according to the Flying Nun biography the band weren’t all that happy with the sound they got when they recorded their contribution. I don’t know why as they seem like a timeless piece of indie pop to me. As do all the songs from the album, but the Sneaky Feelings ones do have something extra.

The guitar’s jangle, the singer doesn’t seem to hit all the notes, but there’s a huge dose of charm and integrity to the songs. It’s a band learning what they’re capable of.

I give you Sneaky Feelings and Pity’s Sake, There’s A Chance and Backroom the three songs they recorded for that classic slice of New Zealand pop.

Should you want to you can also find lead singer Matthew Bannister doing his thing on myspace.


About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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One Response to Sneaky Feelings – Dunedin Double EP

  1. Andy says:

    Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

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