Lewisham Round Up

  1. Today’s (third last) walk

    Two to go.

  2. “Be Nice to the Mayor” Campaign

    Rob is urging you to send Sir Steve a Christmas Card.

  3. Not quite Christmas in Catford

    But, says Henry, there are bongos.

  4. Sunday’s tour of Deptford by Fowlers Molly Dancers.

    Richard S has photos of the Morris and Mollies in action.

  5. Brockley’s Wings of Desire

    Brockley Central have a list of interesting things to visit in New Cross

  6. New History Tour of Forest Hill

    The Forest Hill Society advertise an event “to look at how Forest Hill was built, including the origins and growth of Forest Hill and Honor Oak. It will look at the buildings, transport, entertainment, trade and even some notable residents.”

  7. Save our Services

    Forest Hill Society are fighting to keep the trains rolling

  8. Just for Bob

    Kate pays tribute in lego

  9. Almshouses – Part One

    The Greenwich Phantom: “A set of almshouses were built in Lewisham – until Lewisham council built the town hall on top of them. They were rebuilt nearby but destroyed by an air raid in WWII.”

  10. Lewisham Rail Crash

    Transpontine continues the memory

  11. Recycling

    Clare writes to praise the council’s recycling services.

  12. My worst story

    Commander Meehan on things not to do when working at Lewisham hospital.

  13. Labour Salute Our Brave Soldiers at Civic Reception in Lewisham Town Hall

    Speaks for itself.

  14. Is it the last dance for London’s Rivoli Ballroom?

    The Independent are understandably misty eyed.

  15. Big brother at risk of su-veillance (no “r”)

    The When IT Meets Politics blog on how Love Lewisham is transformational government in action

  16. Closure of the East London Line

    Richard E reminds us that we’ll be without easy access to the Underground network for the foreseeable.

  17. A man of Catford

    Henry gives recognition where it is due.

  18. Lewisham bloggers a tribute….of sorts

    Kate creates us in Lego

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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