Flyposting in Brockley

Brockley Councillors Flyposting

As at least one community group has been given chapter and verse on using trees as a place to put up notices; and I’m told that one very senior officer has been reminded of council policy recently too, much to his/her embarrassment.

But it looks like Brockley councillors may need a bit of ‘re-education’ if this is anything to go by. 😉

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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6 Responses to Flyposting in Brockley

  1. Ross says:

    to be fair, romayne is one of the few councilors who has picked up on and spoken out about the poor provision of affordable homes in the borough and the failure of lewisham to even come close to meeting the required levels of provision, i’d say this was a more important issue than this kind of tree hugging nonsense

  2. Andrew Brown says:

    Well politics is a multi-faceted thing Ross, and so while I’m more than happy to admit that affordable housing is more important than flyposting, I’ll reserve the right to point out the minor foibles of the Brockley councillors. And I’m sure they’ll repay the complement should the opportunity arise.

  3. Ross says:

    fair enough, although your swathing dig at a group of green councilors did seem a bit arrogant, especially as i’d say if anyone needs ‘re-education’ in terms of what they are supposedly here for, then it would have to be anybody still involved with labour after over 10 years of class betrayal (30 years if one is being more honest)

    not that i’ve much time for the green agenda per se as most of it stems from liberal middle class guilt trippers, although on the whole and in my experience i’ve found them somewhat more principled than both tories or labour

  4. Andrew Brown says:

    Ah yes, that’ll be the class betrayal that leads to government trying it’s damnedest to return us to a society that works rather than rots on the dole; where the services that the poor rely on receive unprecedented investment; where pensioners are taken out of fuel poverty…

    That sort of ‘betrayal’ I can live with Ross. The sort that means we’re so divorced from the British public that we suffer 18 years in the wilderness that I find harder to take.

  5. Ross, you are like the Littlest Hobo in reverse, picking new fights on every site you visit.

  6. Ross says:

    where huge transfers of wealth are made from the public to the private, where social & economic inequality has massively expanded over the last 4 decades, where social mobility has been frozen, where 1 in 5 of all people live in relative poverty, where 1 in every 3 children live in relative poverty, where any kind of social solidarity has been covertly or violently dismantled, where we have speeches from the likes of gordon brown the other day saying that the role of the private sector in public services will go much wider & deeper than ever before, much more than what the tories could have ever dreamed of doing(despite the abject failure of such initiatives and the obscene waste of public money that is ploughed into them), where things like the cost of housing, energy and food are rocketing at present but instead of tightening monetary policy and the supply of money which one would normally expect to happen when inflation kicks in, we have the exact opposite happening, a lowering of interest rates and a easing of money supply, all to bail out the financial institutions who were happily making billions out of schemes which have now bit them on their arse, it’s easy to see where the priorities lie at present and it’s not with the traditional base of the labour party, they sold out their base a long time ago

    but yes, while all this is going on, i’m accused of picking fights whilst others appear content to focus on having a swipe at greens for pinning something on a tree or lamenting the lack of a decent organic food shop or deli in brockley

    i’m not picking fights, i’m highlighting what’s out there, i thought blogs and the like aimed to push debate and discussion, seems a bit defensive to resort to yelling that someone is ‘picking fights’ to anyone who has an outlook different to that of yourself

    (and andrew, fighting over an increasingly marginal middle ground in certain areas of middle class england to secure elecotral power, indicates nothing more than a complete divorce from the vast majority of the public, and a blatantly dishonest one at that)

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