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How local planning authorities are delivering policies for affordable housing

JRF have what looks to be some interesting research on delivering affordable homes.  They conclude: S106 for affordable housing has proved to be robust in the face of continuing uncertainties. However, tensions are building up within the system regarding other … Continue reading

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Lewisham Round Up

Today’s (third last) walk Two to go. “Be Nice to the Mayor” Campaign Rob is urging you to send Sir Steve a Christmas Card. Not quite Christmas in Catford But, says Henry, there are bongos. Sunday’s tour of Deptford by … Continue reading

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Jim Thirlwell

This post was provoked in part by Richard’s thoughts on Led Zep; the line about those who close themselves off from music that doesn’t have a tune being particularly provocative. Also contributing was a discussion about the most disgusting band … Continue reading

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Songs I’ve Downloaded This Week

From Because Midway Still Aren’t Coming Back Petal Buzz – S*M*A*S*H From HeavySoulBrutha We Got A Love No One Can Deny – Tyrone Davis From The Stepfather What Will It Be Like – The Weeks Sisters The Stepfather again: Cornbread … Continue reading

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You Made Me Realise

I know that I’ve already pointed you in the direction of this stuff once already this week, but what a song!  It has everything I want from a rock song; screaming guitars, driving bass, and a boy/girl vocal which is … Continue reading

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Representing the Future

My thanks to Westmoster for bringing my attention to this report from the Councillors Commission. Dame Jane Roberts writing in the foreword to the report says that she and the commission she chaired had a number of principles that underpin … Continue reading

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Sarf London

I’ve just started re-reading Wise Children, Angela Carter’s other showbiz novel. Here’s how the narrator describes our city: Once upon a time, you could make a crude distinction, thus: the rich lived amidst pleasant verdure in the North speedily whisked … Continue reading

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Lewisham Round Up

Putting Brockley on the map Brockley Central have a google map and they’re going to play with it. Brockley Jack Theatre fear Brockley Central give the theatre a platform to voice their concerns about its future. SALTED CHILLI Jim and … Continue reading

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GAC – Bird Garden with Intestinal Self-Portrait

Via things magazine I find that the Government Art Collection is online. The picture above [now removed as I’m told it’s a violation of copyright – see Robert’s comment] was the first I came across and the collectors describe it … Continue reading

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Songs I’ve Downloaded This Week

From Palms Out Sounds The Specials – “Gangsters” (Mike B SkaMore Edit) From HeavySoulBrutha Don’t Make Me Pay For His Mistakes – Z.Z. Hill

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