Lightbulb Amnesty

In our house we’ve pretty much switched over all our lightbulbs to energy efficient ones, but if you haven’t (but want to) then the lightbulb amnesty may be for you.

The website reminds us:

London homes produce 40 per cent of the city’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions – which contribute to climate change. If you’ve made any green New Year’s resolutions, one way to reduce your home’s CO2 emissions, and save money at the same time, is to use energy saving light bulbs.

The chance to switch comes this weekend:

from Friday 11 to Sunday 13 January you can bring one or two of your old light bulbs to any London branch of B&Q and you’ll be able to exchange them for an energy-saving alternative – for FREE!

Not convinced?  They also try appealing to our pocket too:

A single energy saving bulb could save you up to £7 a year. And as an energy saving bulb lasts up to ten times longer than a standard one, you could save £60 before it needs replacing.

In fact, fitting all the lights in your house with energy saving bulbs could save you can incredible £600 over the lifetime of the bulbs.

You can find out the nearest place you can replace your bulbs this weekend here.

(via The Campaign Company Blog)

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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7 Responses to Lightbulb Amnesty

  1. chris amson says:

    energy efficient light bulbs do not work on dimmer switches we need a solution

  2. chris amson says:

    if the Goverment does not address this there is no way i can change as all my lights are on dimmer switches

  3. chris amson says:

    if the Goverment does not address this there is no way i can change as all my lights are on dimmer switches i do t5hionk this is a good idea never the less

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  5. mike says:

    This is a great idea, but it is a real shame that they seem to be limiting this to one free energy saving lightbulb per person.

    I appreciate the need to put a limit on things, but surely if they limited it to five each, the average person could kit out a good portion of their house with energy saving bulbs, benefiting the environment even more?

    I guess the way around it is to just go to more than one B&Q store and give the wife & kids a bulb each to take 🙂

  6. mike says:

    Actually, seems like it’s limited to two lightbulbs per household, from reading the terms and conditions, and they are requiring a name and address to take advantage of the offer.

    If this were more about saving energy and less of a B&Q/British Gas/GLA publicity stunt, they’d raise this limit.

  7. Andrew Brown says:

    Hi Mike, I kind of agree that limiting it to two per household does make the trip to B&Q a bit of hard one to justify. But I’m guessing that they’ve only got so many to give away and between the companies and the GLA they’ve worked out how many per visitor to the store they can afford to pass on.

    The other place I’ve gone where they’ve been giving away free energy efficient lightbulbs the only thing people have snapped up faster have been those mouse mats made of recycled rubber.

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