Lewisham Round Up

  1. Reassuring words from Joan?

    The Dame points out that bland answers aren’t much use.

  2. Post Office Closure Threat Sparks Outrage

    Sir Steve isn’t happy with the Post Office.

  3. Property of London borough of Lewisham

    Kate asks why the council find it so hard to admit they’ve made a mistake.

  4. Community Service

    Brockley Central thinks that there’s actually not that much difference between the people who get involved by saying things and doing things.

  5. Named and shamed: Steve Bullock

    Tom from Going Local says that Steve hasn’t answered his email.

  6. Ta dah!

    The Dame has seen a train carriage and if you visit her blog you can too.

  7. Chocolate makes the world go round!

    Paul B on how you can find out how to eat chocolate with a clear conscience.

  8. Key Issues Update

    Sir Steve on where he stands on the proposed changes to the NHS and on the decision he took on Monson.

  9. First enforceable 20mph limit in a London Borough … now just watch

    Neil isn’t a fan of Sue or Sir Steve.


    Pistonheads report it straight

  11. National Executive Committee – Elections 2008

    Peter Wheeler recommends Labour Party Members to vote for the Lewisham candidate, Ellie Reeves. And I do too.

  12. Goodbye, London’s Oldest Pool

    The Londonist says it isn’t just crime that makes us love Lewisham

  13. the state of the roads in london

    Arup says the only way to improve things is to send the workforce to Sweeden

  14. Forest Hill Pools documentary

    YouTube does it’s thing

  15. Save Burnt Ash Hill Post Office!

    Paul B is against post office closures too.

  16. questions are answered but they’re still unanswered

    Ross is another disappointed customer

  17. The Adventures of Nude Man

    Sleaze Diary: “Metropolis had Superman, Gotham City could boast of Batman, now Lewisham too, appears to have acquired its very own superhero – Nude Man.”

  18. Neighbourhood Watch Open Evening

    Live in Lee, interested in finding out more, then Paul B has the details.

  19. Ladywell safe for now, but 171 others in London threatened

    Sue expresses relief and opposition in equal measure

  20. The Bearded Lady, Blackheath

    Dreamer says there was a booth but no lady

  21. Fairtrade Fortnight 25th Feb- 9th March

    Sue is idealistic

  22. Lewisham Fairtrade

    Cynicism bites over at Brockley Central

  23. Them and us: Hither Green

    Brockley Central sees far and wide.

  24. Our Road

    Richard S gets a taste of the vagaries of local government budgeting

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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