Kate is going off-line

Sad to see that Kate has taken down her blogs.

Whilst I’ve never shared her view that Lewisham Sucks I could absolutely see why council services need to be reminded quite forcibly that they need to be much more responsive to those they serve than they sometimes are.

Kate’s voice in the local ‘sphere was a salutary reminder that many people rely on council services in ways that some of us struggle to imagine.

I hope that things get better for her quickly and that at some point she returns to the live web.

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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10 Responses to Kate is going off-line

  1. Richard says:

    Oh that’s awful – has she given a reason?

  2. I’m sorry to hear that. I noticed they’d gone invitation-only yesterday and disappeared today.

    There has been some heated discussions going on on another blog but I hope it isn’t to do with that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that includes Kate!

    Hope she returns soon.

  3. Ross says:

    i’m sorry to hear this as well, i think lewisham needs more blogs like kate’s and not less, and if their existence gets a few people’s backs up then so be it, that’s their problem, not hers

    come back kate!

  4. Hello

    My name is Susan Harwood.

    I have a blog called SHOUTING AT THE RADIO – which Kate visited from time to time . . . and left interesting comments.

    I am glad I have found this place to say something because I have been wondering why Kate’s blogs have ‘gone off the air’.

    I do not live in Lewisham. I haven’t quite fathomed why so many people in Lewisham have blogs. I get the impression that quite a few people who visit Kate’s blogs are quite right wing . . . which I, definitely, am not.

    However, one develops a strange connection with the people one ‘gets to know’, however tangentally, through the blogs.

    If anyone were able to let me know why Kate has stopped blogging, I would be really interested to know.

    I would also be grateful if anyone who knows her would pass on my best wishes and tell her I appreciated it when she ‘dropped by’.

    Susan Harwood

  5. Ross says:

    Hi Susan,

    I sent kate an email the other day asking if everything was ok, so if she gets back to me, and doesn’t mind me doing so, i’ll let you know

  6. Ross . . .

    I’d appreciate that!



  7. kate says:

    Hi all, Things are ok, cant really going into any great detail. Thanks for your concern.
    I think it was the right time to pull the blogs especially as some people didnt even get past the title of lewisham sucks and judged me purely on that. Maybe if i return to blogging in future they might take me a little more serious. Susan what is right wing? I thought that it was rascists? im not like that.
    I will be about on the internet so you havent quite got rid of me yet 😉

  8. Hello Kate

    No, I wasn’t suggesting you are a racist. Nor have I guessed at your own politics.

    I got the ‘right wing’ impression from the icons of some bloggers who also read your blog. Also from some of their actual blogs.

    I suffer from the automatic (and probably erroneous) association between the Union Flag and right wing politics.

    Also, since Mrs Thatcher & Co. I have been startled by anyone who can be an enthusiastic Tory. (Which some of your readers are.)

    Mind . . . over recent years, I have become thoroughly alienated from the Labour Party and, if ever a decent Tory candidate stood in my constituency, I might find myself voting for him or her (! ! ! )

    As you know, I am new to blogging. So far, I have valued two things especially. One is coming across people with whom I agree. (That can be reassuring!) The other is coming across people with whom I don’t agree and having a window into their worlds . . . sometimes getting into discussions with them too.

    But, this isn’t to the point. I do hope you really are ok.

    I look forward to you dropping by on Shouting at the Radio some time. I am pleased when I see your comments there.

    (I also have an email address attached to the blog.)


  9. karen says:

    I’m looking into the huge, and ever increasing, economic divide that exists in London.
    I’m want to challenge alot of the stereotypes and miscoceptions surrounding families that are in financial difficulty and highlight that increasingly the two parent families where one is working and the other is raising the family are struggling to make ends meet as well as lone parents on benefits. The cost of shopping is spiralling out of control and with petrol and utility bills getting higher and higher when will benefits catch up and how much money does an average family need to be earning in order to make ends meet?
    I hope you don’t mind but it It looks like an interesting blog space for a debate on this subject and I am wondering if any of you guys know examples of the ‘forgotten families’ I am talking about?

  10. Max says:

    Karen I agree entirely, I’ve just been into that situation and I found it phenomenally stressful.
    I think that for all families where one parent stays off work to look after the child the tax allowance should be raised to £40k that in my ballpark calculation is the minimum sum for one family to keep head above water in London if you’re paying commercial prices for your accomodation.

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