e-lewishamThe London Profiler looks like an interesting tool.

The idea seems to be to use publicly available information and mashed it up with a Googlemap to create a pictoral view of our city.

The map I’ve taken a screenshot of is of what the people who’ve made the maps call e-society.  They explain more:

The e-Society classification

The e-Society classification is from a family of area classifications referred to as geodemographics. This classification was developed as part of a project at University College London and presents a detailed classification of neighbourhoods based on information about levels of awareness of information and communications technologies, usage patterns, and attitudes to their effects upon quality of life. The classification provides a valuable and accessible means of studying the ‘e-Society’ and people’s engagement with new information and communications technologies.

How was the e-Society classification created?

The e-Society classification was initially created using the Mosaic Pixel Grid (MPG) methodology which is a 6240 cluster classification built at the individual person level. After appending data to Pixels from Experian lifestyle surveys on use and engagement with information communication technologies, k-means cluster analysis was used to re- aggregate a new e-Society typology. This Type level classification consisted of 23 clusters; however, as common in many other geodemographic classifications, a Group level classification was created by aggregating the 23 Types into 8 clusters using a Ward clustering algorithm . For the purpose of display on this website, the individual level classification was then aggregated into Output Areas based on the classification group which appeared most frequently within the area.

Where can I find out more?

UK Geography of the E-Society: A National Classification CASA Working Paper

The E-Society Profiler Spatial Literacy Website

Should you be interested then the blue areas on the map are where the e-experts live, the orange is for the e-marginalised, and the green bits are for your e-shoppers.

As well as this they also map multiculturalism, higher education, housing type, the index of multiple deprivation, health and something which claims to be able to tell you where to go looking to buy or rent your next house or flat.

Much fun to be had.

(via Things Magazine)

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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1 Response to E-Lewisham

  1. Max says:

    I see that the willow tree at the bottom of Mountsfield Park is “E-independent”! The tennis court is “E for entertainment and shopping” whilst the adjacent basketball court is “becoming engaged”! Excellent news from there I’d say.
    Thumbs up also for the St. Mary’s historic graveyard as it gets a “E for entertainment and shopping” rating, good to know that the poet Dowson’s days of wine and roses have not ended with his mortal life.
    Bad news instead from Adelaide Avenue, there’s a “E-marginalised” stuck in the middle of the road. Can somebody help him please?

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