Lewisham Round Up

Sorry it’s been a while, so lots to catch up with:

  1. Fancy That

    Ross does some adding up

  2. Safe Lewisham

    Does fear of crime outweigh the reality?

  3. A Picture of Health

    The Forest Hill Society get a GP to take a look at the consultation document.

  4. The versatile interview

    Max explains the points he was trying to cram into a short interview.

  5. Public Meeting in Ladywell this Thursday

    Ladywell Village Action Group takes its first steps

  6. Brockley North’s Drinking Habit

    It looks like the Lewisham Way street drinkers will be asked to move on.

  7. rehabdesign are always a picture of health

    The designers behind the controversial consultation

  8. Five Years of One Man & His Blog

    Adam is an old, old man (at least in blog years).

  9. community art?

    Catford Ross isn’t very impressed and you may not be either.

  10. The Man From Catford gives his verdict

    Henry says try harder you artists.

  11. Green Ladywell: Ninja Battle on Hilly Fields!

    Sue seems perplexed

  12. Full Council: Budget & Post Offices

    Andrew M gives his take on the budget process this year.

  13. Darren Johnson’s extraordinary face

    The Daily (Maybe) tells us that the Greens are concentrating their fire.

  14. George Livesey and the Gasworkers

    Transpontine tells us the man behind the (former?) museum had a mixed reputation.

  15. Brockley: The Bold Shopping Experiment

    Richard E goes local too.

  16. Lewisham Toy Library – funding cut overturned

    Politicians make a decision that is likely to be welcomed (at least by some)

  17. Primary schools in Brockley

    Brockley Nick does the Ofsted shuffle

  18. Favourite Shop in Lewisham?

    Andrew M can’t decide, go help him and the council

  19. Heathrow Consultation – Lewisham Green Group Response

    They are opposed.

  20. Brockley’s White Pollution

    We’re talking plastic bags and greasy chicken boxes.

  21. More Motoring Madness in London

    Another “fan” of Sue’s.

  22. Record number of Christmas trees recycled!

    Paul B seems pleased with you.

  23. Planet of the Rabbits

    This looks fun.

  24. Dragnet Goldsmiths

    John H on how many police it takes to check our bus tickets. Not sure about the 1933 reference though.

  25. Brockley Police Station to Close?

    If so it seems like no one told Sue

  26. Why we need to make Lewisham a 20 mph Borough

    Sir Steve explains why he wants it to happen

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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2 Responses to Lewisham Round Up

  1. rp says:

    thanks for your list Andrew, I didn’t realise I’d miss it so much!


  2. Andrew Brown says:

    Always a pleasure to be appreciated.

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