The Cravats

One of the records I’ve recently dug out the pile was a compilation that features The Cravats. I’m pretty sure they were the reason for buying the record in the first place and listening to the song (The Shroud of New York, Chapter 1) again this morning I was delighted to be reminded of just how good it was. And just how strange the 1980s were.

It also sent me off looking for more information about the band and imagine my surprise to find out that according to their website, or rather an update by their bassist The Shend that they’re thinking of making a bit of a comeback and they’d like our help:

After 25 years resisting the temptation to perform on stage again, we feel that, with so much nonsense on view, the time is right to explain, via instruments and the human voice, how wondrous deviant sound can be and, as we speak, RR Dallaway and myself are constructing the ultimate in aural experiences.

Maybe, your local fun palace would like to employ The Cravats for one night in 2008 so that you and your four chums can revel in a night of surreal bonkersdom that will remain unequaled for ever!

By 2008, teleportation will, no doubt, be commonplace, but assuming costs will be prohibitive, The Cravats would like to construct a series of shows in a straight line, requiring minimal journey times and including accommodation of high quality. We must never hear the phrase, ‘sleeping bag on Wodger’s settee’.

We have no objection to supporting some cutting edge luminaries of today, as long as they are interesting and worthy of supporting, so feel free to suggest amalgamations that we can peruse at our leisure.

The Cravats will NOT add tedious solos or ‘update’ their back catalogue to appeal to a new generation. We will play what we played, for it was good.

We promise, hand on heart, never to rhyme ‘Baby’ with ‘Maybe’ or sing a song containing the words, ‘Rock and Roll’.

The riders for our shows will be obtuse but what else do you expect?

I for one would be pleased to see them in South East London.  Should you like me need to find out more about The Cravats they’ve done much of the hard work already.  Should you want to hear what they sound like then I’d suggest their classic Who’s In Here With Me.

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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