Opportunity and Wellbeing for All – Lewisham’s LAA

Up and down the country councils and their partners on Local Strategic Partnerships (LSP) are trying to decide which performance indicators they think are the ones that best fit their local communities’ needs.

They’re choosing from bundles that were agreed across central government as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review last year. And while government (national and local) will be expected to make progress across all 198 national indicators (down from 1,200 last time) every LSP has to pick 35 indicators that they particularly want to make progress on. These then go into their Local Area Agreement.

All clear?

In Lewisham the Mayor and Cabinet are looking at our LAA next week, Opportunity and Wellbeing for All. From a public services point of view this should shape how those services are developed and how the local state wants to help us achieve our ambitions as a set of communities.

The document makes the argument that to achieve opportunity and wellbeing for all there needs to be a focus on those that don’t currently have ready access to those things.

Our LAA will focus on the challenge of ensuring that those who have been excluded from success are at the centre of our attention. Our aim is to support all of our citizens as they seek to improve outcomes for themselves and their families but to ensure that the pace of improvement for our most vulnerable and excluded citizens is faster.

As with all these documents it reflects on the achievements that are being built on, looks at the challenges and sets some aims for the future. In Lewisham’s case those are going to be around the following areas:

  • Ambitious and achieving – where people are inspired and supported to fulfil their potential
  • Safer – where people feel safe and live free from crime, antisocial behaviour and abuse
  • Empowered and responsible – where people are actively involved in their local area and contribute to supportive communities
  • Clean, green and liveable – where people live in high-quality housing and can care for and enjoy the environment
  • Healthy, active and enjoyable – where people can actively participate in maintaining and improving their health and well-being
  • Dynamic and prosperous – where people are part of vibrant localities and town centres, well-connected to London and beyond

The LAA details the 35 improvement indicators, 17 statutory and 18 local indicators that the LSP think will help them reach those aims.

Personally I’m pleased to see a number of indicators that reflect the passions that I have about politics:

  • Stability of placements of LAC, length of placements
  • Dealing with local concerns about anti-social behaviour and crime by the local council and police
  • Percentage of people who believe people from different backgrounds get on well together in their local area
  • Percentage of people who feel they can influence decisions in their locality
  • Improved street and environmental cleanliness (levels of graffiti, litter, detritus and fly posting)
  • Under 18 conception rate
  • Working age people claiming out of work benefits in the worst performing neighbourhoods

If the council and its partners can deliver on these indicators and the other ones that are in the LAA it will make Lewisham a better place to live, work and learn in.

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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4 Responses to Opportunity and Wellbeing for All – Lewisham’s LAA

  1. jameshigham says:

    Percentage of people who feel they can influence decisions in their locality

    Is this a major contributor to well being, Andrew?

  2. Pingback: Mayor and Cabinet « Someday I Will Treat You Good

  3. Andrew Brown says:

    James, I’d say it’s a reasonable proxy indicator of the democratic health of where we live.

  4. oisleep says:

    i’d say it’s a dam good one

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