Just how right wing are they?

The Guardian:

“This is like the March on Rome in 1922,” one shadow minister said as Johnson inched towards victory.

(via The Virtual Stoa)

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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24 Responses to Just how right wing are they?

  1. Andrew Brown says:

    And the point you’re making is…

  2. ross says:

    for a new labour hack to moan about right wing rhetoric coming from a right wing party seems a bit hypocritical given the raft of substantive/actual right wing/neo liberal policies that labour (laughably still thought of as left of centre by those who are still enthralled to it) have implemented over the last ten years

    the picture sums up for me who the true heir(s) to thatcher has been over the last decade

  3. Andrew Brown says:

    You know what. I really shouldn’t have bothered.

  4. ross says:

    well this is the nature of blogs andrew, you can’t expect to publically post up stuff without being challenged on it, it seems somewhat disingenious for you to think that this medium should allow you to post up points without them being challenged or hypocritical parralels being drawn (especially given the overtly partisan line that you pump out on here) – if you don’t like that then perhaps blogs aren’t the best thing for you to be putting so much time & effort into, or if you only want comments of the right, on message, type, then perhaps you should consider banning all those members of the public who don’t hold the same views as your own

    that’s the thing with the public though eh, they can often disappoint you

  5. Andrew Brown says:

    “The public”, that’s a bit disingenuous isn’t it Ross? You know, given that you’re a member of a rival political party and all.

  6. ross says:

    what, so members of rival political parties to your one are all of a sudden not members of the public anymore!

    anyroads replace public with whatever word you want and the point, which you managed to avoid addressing, remains

  7. Andrew Brown says:

    Well not quite as disinterested as you were trying to make out.

    As for Labour being a right wing party, you keep believing that if you like, but I don’t think you’ll ever find a leading member of my party comparing ourselves with Italian Fascism.

  8. Kate says:

    Ding ding seconds out, come on guys next bloggers meet up …….have a drink and a chat, 😉

  9. ross says:

    andrew if someone was disinterested they woudn’t have made a comment in the first place so not sure what point your trying to push here (yet again however i note that you avoid addressing the actual point being made)

    and as i said, i prefer to look beyond rhetoric and look at substance & actual actions when taking a view on things, i can appreciate how new labour hacks would tend to lean to the reverse of this approach however

  10. ross says:

    and andrew your right that on leading member of your party would ever compare themselves with italian fascism

    however the ex leader of your party was very friendly with one berlusconi who recently uttered the words ‘We are the new Falange’

    that was of course the same berlusconi who happily went into coallition with Umberto Bossi, the leader of the Northern League, who promised earlier this week that he has an army of 300,000 with “smoking rifles” ready to march on Rome and declare independence.

  11. Andrew Brown says:

    I must be very dense because I can’t see what point you think you’re making.

  12. ross says:

    well you made a big point about how a member of your party would never compare your party to italian fascism, yet the leader of your party had an ongoing personal (and political?) relationship over many many years with a man who claims his party is the new falange and is in partnership with a nationalist who is ready to ‘march on rome’ itself

  13. Andrew Brown says:

    Oh I see. We’re one step removed from being fascists, how convenient for your world view.

  14. ross says:

    oh i see, it’s ok for you to make a flimsy (rhetorical) comparison between a rival party and fascism, but it’s not ok for someone to make a (substantive) comparison between your party and it’s leadership’s close ties with the new falange

    (and unlike most hand wringing liberals i don’t shout facist/racist at everything that moves, as that only blurs the picture and gives real facists/racists cover to operate within)

  15. ross says:

    oh i see, it’s ok for you to make a flimsy (rhetorical) comparison between a rival party and fascism, but it’s not ok for someone to make a (substantive) comparison between your party and it’s leadership’s close ties with the new falange

    (and unlike most hand wringing liberals i don’t shout facist/racist at everything that moves, as that only blurs the picture and gives real facists/racists cover to operate within)

  16. ross says:

    “Just look at Gianni Alemanno, the newly elected mayor of Rome, who is also a “darling” of Italy’s new Prime Minister, the reelected and theatrical – not to mention “testosterone-driven” – Silvio Berlusconi.

    Alemanno is a firebrand neo-fascist and he is proud of it. Not surprisingly his election was celebrated by hundreds of supporters raising their arms in the fascist salute and chanting “Duce! Duce!” As for Prime Minister Berlusconi – who appears to be consciously mimicking Mussolini at times – he declared after Alemanno’s election that they were “the new Falange,” in a reference to the Spanish fascist party founded in the 1930s.

    Then there is Umberto Bossi, the leader of the anti-immigration Northern League, who is himself a fascist and with whom Berlusconi is due to form a government. To understand what Bossi is made of it is enough to note his remarks earlier this week. Indicating that immigrants had to be hunted out, he said, according to press reports, “We have no fear of taking things to the piazzas. We have 300,000 martyrs ready to come down from the mountains. Our rifles are always smoking.””

    what great company blair kept/keeps eh


  17. Andrew Brown says:

    Hang on, it wasn’t me that compared Boris winning the London mayoralty with the march on Rome, that was a Conservative politician.

    Do I think that the Conservative Party are closet fascists? No, I don’t, I do however find it amazing that this was the analogy that came in to the mind of a senior Tory.

  18. rp says:

    I’m beginning to miss pictures of your dinner andrew


  19. ross says:

    i don’t expect anything less from some tory twat whose got a hardon on election night, but for you to seriously think that equates them with fascism (as you pointed out on one of your own posts above) on here but then get upset when the fact that your own dear leader held a long term personal relationship with someone who considers themselves the new falange and gives his backing to a the fascist mayor of rome, is a bit rich

    i find it amazing as to how close a relationship blair held with berlusconi, i find it less amazing that some right wing twat uses right wing analogies on election night

  20. Reidski says:

    Who is this nutter? One of your friends, Andrew?

  21. ross says:

    cutting analysis there, please feel free to (try and) engage with the topic under discussion though


  22. Andrew Brown says:

    Reidski, say “hello” to Ross, member of the IWCA and a blogger who wants to save Catford.

  23. Kate says:

    Oi ross aint a nutter(well im not 100% (ross 😉 ) Im with Ross in that im getting really annoyed with the way rascist and similar comments are being thrown about. Seems like if your white or well educated or a tory your automatically thrown into these categories.
    As for all the italian politics …..all abit over my head.
    Some food piccies would be appreciated Andrew ….im in need of something different to try.

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