Mayor and Cabinet – 28 May 2008

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[Note: Item 4 doesn’t appear on the Council’s website, which is why I’ve not put one here]

Mayor and Cabinet

  • Item 3 BVPP – 28 May 2008.PDF

    The purpose of this report is to advise Mayor & Cabinet on Best Value Performance Indicators (BVPIs) Full Year Outturn to be published consistent with statutory duties for 30th June 2008.

  • Item 5 Kender Triangle – 28 May 2008.PDF

    To report to the Mayor and Cabinet the proposed designs for the roads within the Kender Triangle.

  • Item 6 Prioritisation of Traffic Schemes – 28 May 2008(2).PDF

    This report gives detail on the small-scale traffic schemes carried out last year. In addition it proposes a priority list of schemes to be implemented this year.

  • Item 7 Foreshore transfer – 28 May 2008.PDF

    This report seeks to inform Mayor and Cabinet of the progress of the proposed stock transfer in Foreshore. It informs members of the progress made toward completing a transfer agreement since achieving a positive ballot in November 2007 and seeks consent to negotiate the key terms of the transfer.

  • Item 8 LH Office Consolidation – 28 May 2008.PDF

    To seek approval from the Mayor and Cabinet of Lewisham Homes’ proposals for the closure of New Cross (Kender) Office.

  • Item 9 Chrysalis division – 28 May 2008.PDF

    This report seeks Mayor and Cabinet approval to pursue stock transfer for the Chrysalis area.

  • Item 10 Overcrowding – 28 May 2008.PDF

    The report outlines proposals to utilise Government pathfinder funding to increase the number of vacant properties, 3 bedroom or larger advertised through Homesearch and to prioritise these lets for overcrowded households in social housing.

  • Item 11 Primary Places Review – 28 May 2008.PDF

    This report provides for the Mayor’s approval a framework of Lewisham’s Primary Strategy for Change which will drive future capital investment in its primary estate and in so doing make a significant contribution to raising standards and improving the well being of children throughout the Authority. The Mayor’s agreement is sought for proposals on the use of a first tranche of investment from 2009-11.

  • Item 12 governor appointments – 28 May 2008.PDF

    The report sets out details of nominees for appointment as authority governors.

  • Item 13 Monson Closure – 28 May 2008(3).PDF

    This report sets out the responses to the publication of the statutory notice to discontinue Monson Primary School in order to incorporate the school within Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College (HAHC) as an all-age 3-18 Academy. The Mayor’s agreement is sought to formally discontinue Monson Primary School subject to the Secretary of State entering into a funding agreement with the sponsors of the proposed 3-18 Academy.

  • Item 14 Monson School Lease – 28 May 2008.PDF

    This report sets out the proposed arrangements for the transfer of land and buildings to the proposed new 3-18 Academy, following agreement by Mayor & Cabinet on 28 May 2008 to the closure of the school from 31st August 2008, subject to the Secretary of Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families entering into a Funding Agreement with the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Federation. It also describes the need for Feasibility work to be undertaken prior to any capital works resultant from the above decision.

  • Item 15 Exclusion – 28 May 2008.PDF

    Press and public to be excluded on decisions relating to Bell Green shopping centre and Grove Park decent homes stock transfer



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I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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