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Mayor and Cabinet – 28 May 2008

I thought I had the account set up to deliver this stuff automatically, but apparently something has gone awry, so back to the cut and paste technique. The RSS feed should still be working though. [Note: Item 4 doesn’t … Continue reading

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links for 2008-05-22

The Wisdom Of Crowds – Brockley Speaks A councillor’s eye view of the Brockley Assembly meeting Full Council: Hilly Fields Footpaths Petition, London Living Wage and Affordable Housing Sue’s view of the Council meeting. Girl crimes Kate wonders whether we … Continue reading

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Triumph of Lewisham over Greenwich

Last Sunday saw Lewisham’s under 10 cricket team in action for the first time this season and I was lucky enough to be there. Set 87 to win, in a 25 over game, by their Greenwich rivals the Lewisham side … Continue reading

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An idea for Boris (and Sir Steve)

Anyone who travels on the bus will know that the drivers are wont to use their brakes quite aggressively, usually just as you’re trying to get your small children to get up or down the stairs! But apparently if they … Continue reading

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links for 2008-05-21

Innovation Edge: Are online social networks the new cities? “charlie – jon, i think it was lewisham who found some of their poorest communities were most adept at internet cafes and mobile phones. should we worry about it? should tackling … Continue reading

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Tom, another Lewisham blogger

I’ve just come across Tom Royal’s blog. He’s written a post about our local election results: On a local level, though, there were reasons to be both cheerful and horrified: Good news: the vast majority of the turnout goes to … Continue reading

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Motion on Housing

At tomorrow’s Council meeting Susan Wise and Robin Cross are proposing the following motion: “That this council notes that in 2007 nearly 20,000 households were on Lewisham’s housing register and that 3332 families were living in overcrowded accommodation in the … Continue reading

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Knives and Young People

One in four young people have carried a knife, survey reveals – Children & Young People Now According to the survey of more than 350 16- to 24-year-olds, 30 per cent of young people now think it is okay to … Continue reading

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links for 2008-05-19

Green Chain Walk – Sunday 25th May, 2008 A 2 hour stroll City fool: Barnbrook carries BNP baton into the London Assembly “It turned out that Barnbrook’s reluctance to move from Lewisham was because he was occupying a council property. … Continue reading

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Lewisham Council Staff’s Suggestions for Reducing the Environmental Impact of the Council

I got sent a press release from Lewisham Labour Group congratulating council staff on their suggestions on how to reduce the council’s environmental impact – for some reason it’s not made it to their website yet.  Alan Hall who chairs the … Continue reading

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