Definitely A List

Big shout out to our two local blogging superstars.

Both Bob and Transpontine make the top three hundred most influencial UK blogs this month.

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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2 Responses to Definitely A List

  1. Bob says:

    Gosh, that’s exciting! I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t pointed that out. No.233, a big step above my previous high of 99th best left-wing blogger

    I notice I am down 21 places since May, which doesn’t suprise me, as I’ve felt palpably less influential this month. Still, I’m a good 60 points ahead of Transpontine, although he might be creeping up as he has gone up 4 points since last month.

  2. Andrew Brown says:

    It’s the big time Bob. Time to cash in I’d have thought.

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