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Crime Letter to Lewisham Councillors

Sir Steve Bullock has written to Lewisham Councillors about crime, in particular knife crime and what the council and its local partners are doing to try and tackle the problems: The number of teenagers who have died recently in our … Continue reading

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Ajantha Mendis

The great thing about cricket is that even while your own team is falling apart something else is happening that’s too exciting to ignore. Apparently Ajantha Mendis is likely to be touring England next year with the Sri Lankans. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Emergency Services (councillors are not)

Cross posted from Love Perry Vale: I found a call on my BT 1571 service, about 14 hours after it had been left (whilst I was out at a meeting the previous evening). “What should I do about this burst … Continue reading

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Love your local?

Nick over at Brockley Central is bigging up the love your local competition, which is something he’s got a professional connection with.  They say: Where would we be without our friendly locals? Whether you’re after a great evening with close … Continue reading

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“Which Super Villain are you?”

You are Dr. Doom Dr. Doom 70% Apocalypse 62% Lex Luthor 60% Magneto 55% Riddler 54% The Joker 53% Dark Phoenix 53% Venom 50% Juggernaut 50% Poison Ivy 48% Mr. Freeze 47% Kingpin 42% Catwoman 40% Mystique 38% Green Goblin … Continue reading

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links for 2008-07-30

Primary Health Crust Max on not getting an appointment

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Lewisham Homes Board

John Paschoud cross posted from Love Perry Vale: To Holbeach House in Catford this evening (a small change from the Town Hall) for a meeting of the Lewisham Homes Board. I’m one of the 3 Board directors appointed by Mayor … Continue reading

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