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About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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3 Responses to links for 2008-07-04

  1. Kate says:

    I think Ross has a valid point.

  2. ross says:

    i note that the incident has now been given a story in it’s own right, however the initial decision to treat the story as a ‘news in brief’ story alongside such heady topics as what the police get up to on facebook and news of the free map being given away at woolwich libraries say a lot about the attitude to crime in deprived areas (goes along with the ‘just some kids with guns’ approach of the police there as well)

    for years the residents association have been asking for funds to put in place proper cctv security cameras around the estate but have been told there was no money to do this despite the prevailing high incidents of crime and the various murders that have occurred there over that time. Just a pity that a few quid from the £10m that was set aside to “improve the environment and housing in a predominantly private sector area” in rushey green ward couldn’t have been used for that – plenty of money seems to have been found to improve the frontages of privately owned housing in the streets surrounding milford towers, but somehow none of those funds found their way into the places where it was undoubtedly needed the most, and why indeed would it when to do so would disrupt the police/council policy of containment

  3. Lone Ranger says:

    Re Milford Towers it surprised me to read earlier this year the Deputy Mayor had said “It was an area that had been overlooked”, and that was after two murders ahd taken place there.

    In 2006 it was indicated it would be demolished, recently a Cabinet member and local councillor indicated Milford Tower has in affect become a dumping ground, but some people still love living there.

    About 4 years ago I observed a public meeting where residents expressed their deep concerns and their ward councillors said nothing apart from pass the question over to the police.

    Because the homes have been put on death row without an execution date and the nature of those being housed there has changed is it any wonder serious issues arise?

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