Made In Deptford

Spurred on by reading Transpontine’s post about the festival this weekend we set off to explore.

Deptford Project Cafe

Deptford Project Cafe

First up we decided to check out the cafe, and I enjoyed their substantial full English, and I have to say the rather chaotic, but extremely good tempered waiting.  Also worth noting was their loo, which is situated in the garden shed and encourages you to spend far too long in their practicing your Elvis impressions.

Andrew as Elvis

Being Elvis

Next we popped along to see the Creekside Artists where Herve Boscher charmed us and explained a bit about how he makes glass beads. Walking around the other artist that I was rather taken by – both for the imagery and the rather rude titles of some of the works – was Paul Coombs more of whom here.

We then wandered back to Giffen Square – past what looks to be the nearly completed Wavelengths pool – to enjoy the afternoon’s entertainment on the open air stage.  This included the Hyde Community Choir, their version of Labi Siffre’s classic “Something Inside so Strong” was memorable, and the JTS dance group, who brought us the gospel with a dose of urban dance.

We wandered off for half an hour to find out what was happening at the Albany, where we were promised an urban fete and got human bingo and a hit the rat game, a bit of clown action and some stately dancing by a group who’s name I missed.

Their Hearts Were Full of Spring

Their Hearts Were Full of Spring

Back to the main stage to catch most of Their Hearts Were Full of Spring (MySpace) . Comparing notes with my partner about their set, she said they reminded her of the poppier end of the Boo Radley’s – but admitted she may have been influenced by the baldness of the singer – while I had a more Divine Comedy/Pulp feeling. But looking at their MySpace page I think actually Channel 4 got it right when they said “Postcard-influenced dreamy indie pop”.

Either way I’m off to buy their latest EP, and they said that they’d be playing People’s Day (though which stage they’re on I’m not sure as the programme doesn’t mention them).

The Skuzzies

The Skuzzies

The sky was darkening as The Skuzzies (MySpace) came on stage and while they were my older son’s favourite band of the day – our younger son didn’t seem so sure – we decided to make a run for it. That wasn’t before we heard a song that Transpontine may want to add to his list of South East London songs – Ice Cold, which you can hear on their MySpace page – which mentions Tanners Hill.

Of course we didn’t get home before getting drenched, but we’d had a good day.


About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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3 Responses to Made In Deptford

  1. Transpontine says:

    Well maybe I should have stuck around a bit longer after all, glad it wasn’t a total washout.

  2. Deborah Anderson says:

    Thanks for the little write up for the Hyde Community Choir. I sing in it and enjoy it very much. I agree that the Labi Siffri song is probably the best one we do. I liked the photo you took.

  3. Andrew Brown says:

    Thanks Deborah, we had a lovely time listening to you and your fellow choristers.

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