Crime in Lewisham

You know all this crime mapping stuff, well it turns out the Metropolitan Police have a very good website already.

From which I find that across Lewisham:

  • total crime was up (marginally) from last year (but against a fall in London as a whole);
  • 4% of London’s murders happened in Lewisham last year;
  • crimes of violence against the person rose by 782 offences on last year;
  • reported robbery was down by 762 cases;
  • burglary also fell by 765 cases;
  • there were 77 fewer racist crimes; and
  • 15 fewer homophobic crimes.

There’s ward level data too should you want to dig down. From which I’ve found out that I’m marginally more likely to be burgled than the average Lewisham resident, but less likely to be a victim of fraud or forgery, or to be a victim of violence.

It’s this sort of rolling information that would have been very helpful when I was chairing the neighbourhood police panel as a local councillor. And I hope that all the current councillors and members of the panel have had the site brought to their attention.

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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3 Responses to Crime in Lewisham

  1. Thanks for highlighting this Andrew. Have you any idea what has caused such a dramatic rise in recorded drug crime? Has there been a change in policing?

  2. Andrew Brown says:

    Good question Nick.

    The Home Office’s research team have just published their analysis [PDF] of crime in England and Wales for last year and they say drug offenses have gone up by 18% nationwide. They put this down to:

    an increase in possession of cannabis offences. The number of cannabis possession offences rose by 21%, largely associated with the increased police use of powers to issue cannabis warnings, an example of changes in police activity affecting trends.

    Interestingly the same report suggests that drug use overall continues to fall, largely because fewer people are using cannabis.

  3. rp says:


    Far be it from me to suggest that you only brought this article up to remind people that you used to be a councillor . . .

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