Crime Letter to Lewisham Councillors

Sir Steve Bullock has written to Lewisham Councillors about crime, in particular knife crime and what the council and its local partners are doing to try and tackle the problems:

The number of teenagers who have died recently in our borough and across London is tragic and we all need to think hard about what can be done to end this cycle of violence. There is no simple cause and neither will there be a simple solution. Many factors have contributed to the rise in violence and our response will also need to be multi-faceted. The Police, local communities and families all have a vital part to play and politicians must play a role as well.

I do not think it right for any politician at local or national level to use this issue to score political points. I expect the Government to respond and I welcome the plan that was launched by the Prime Minister here in Lewisham recently. That plan will not by itself solve the problem but it might make a difference – and every single life saved matters more than any political loss or gain.

We must not lose sight of the fact that it is only a minority of young people who are involved in crime and that the overwhelming majority of young people are a credit to their parents and make a positive contribution to our communities. And it is important to remember that although debate often and understandably focuses on teenagers, serious violent crime is most often committed by adults.

Read it all here.

About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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7 Responses to Crime Letter to Lewisham Councillors

  1. rp says:

    well, I think he is trying to score political points here – he doesn’t offer any glimpse of a solution himself (I don’t know what the “plan that was launched by the Prime Minister here in Lewisham” is). Its just more hot air from the mayor of lewisham . . . regrettable but inevitable.

  2. Andrew Brown says:

    Er, did you not read the rest of his letter? I thought there’s a pretty comprehensive review of what the council, the police and the others are doing.

    And the government’s plan is this one.

  3. rp says:

    oh yes, didn’t see the link, but steves still clinging to tokenism

    Well, I got a response from you Andrew, and it makes all the difference to me

    all the best!

  4. rp says:

    that said, I hope whats being put in place/is in place does actually work.

    I’d like to see statistics for knife crime over, say, the last 50 years, to see if it is at abnormal levels now.

    I have a memory of it being prevalent during the teddy-boy era in the fifties and I suspect it isn’t (obviously!) a new thing

  5. ross says:

    one wonders how a milliband led adminstration would approach crime

    do you support a milliband leadership challenge andrew?

  6. Andrew Brown says:

    Ross, could you stop being a troll? If I wanted to be a Kremlinologist I’d be writing a different blog.

  7. ross says:

    it’s a simple question andrew – i’m only asking what your opinion is on the matter, i’m not asking you to analyse the situation ala kremlinologists, i’m asking whether you, as an individual would support a milliband leadership bid

    you are quite open in publicising your support/membership of the labour party on here, your experiences as a labour councilor and also seem more than happy to act as a conduit for local labour propaganda/information from the various labour party figures around our borough – one could argue you’ve almost set yourself up as some kind of local public good in that realm

    that figured, i don’t think it’s ‘trolling’ to merely ask what your opinion is in relation to a topical matter on that subject

    clearly though it’s a touchy subject with you so i won’t press you any further on the matter

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