Lewisham 10th Most Violent Place in UK

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust have published their analysis of where the most violent and safest places are to live in the UK; Lewisham is apparently the 10th most violent. They say they are calling on:

the local authorities concerned to look at why they are in the situation they are in and what they can do to improve it.

You can download their detailed workings here which show Lewisham moving from 20th to 10th most violent area over the last year.

In the local paper the police are quoted saying:

“The increases in violent crime have been at the less serious end of the scale including harassment and common assault arising from domestic violence situations.

“We will strive to better our past achievements and still further reduce crime, but it should be remembered that for the majority of people in the borough, Lewisham remains a vibrant, exciting and safe place to live, work and enjoy.”

You’ll remember that Steve Bullock wrote to councillors about crime quite recently and that the Local Strategic Partnership have recently put in place the strategy they’ll be working to in respect of crime.

The action plan which accompanies the strategy details the actions the partners are going to be taking. These include:

  • Develop an assessment for serious violence to map violent crime hotspots (temporal, geographic and situational) and target resources in relation to this data, using a problem profile where necessary
  • Targeted interventions on known violent offenders including sexual offenders
  • Effective Investigation of Serious Violent Crime
  • Effective Investigation of Assaults with Injury
  • Targeted activity to reduce incidents of gun and knife crime across the borough
  • Targeted activity to prevent Serious Sexual Offences through promoting personal safety
  • Effective investigation of Racial and Homophobic crime
  • Proactive targeting of licensed premises most at risk of contributing to incidents of violent crime.
  • Work within the ‘alliance’ project in relation to targeting gang members
  • Develop information sharing mechanisms between the police and health in relation to
  • Increase engagement with A and E to develop pathways into alcohol treatment
  • Use of Restorative Justice between parties where concerns are known before escalation
  • Prolific and other Priority Offender programme to target offenders involved in serious violence and gang related activity and devise multi-agency response
  • Identify work within schools regarding safety and education on weapon use and gangs
  • Increasing support to victims of violent crime
  • Further development of communications approaches to managing ‘violent crime’

There are separate actions for domestic violence which are equally comprehensive:

  • Set up a Multi-agency Risk Assessment conference (MARAC) to improve our coordinated response to reported domestic violence
  • Effective investigation of domestic violence incidents
  • Increase the use of “Sanctuary” scheme
  • Develop programmes of intervention for perpetrators of domestic violence
  • Implement the “Westminster training programme” in schools
  • Increase information sharing with voluntary sectors, and increase 3rd party reporting sites in the Borough

Whether these things will have an immediate impact on the borough’s ranking we’ll have to wait and see.


About Andrew Brown

I live in Lewisham, South East London, and spent 9 years as a Labour councillor in the borough between 1997 and 2006.
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16 Responses to Lewisham 10th Most Violent Place in UK

  1. bagrec says:

    Very interesting.

    I tend to think of Lewisham as reltively unviolent (although it has it’s moments), but then I’m from Middlesbrough, the 6th most violent place, so that could be why!

  2. When I look at a series of strategies listed like that, it really reminds me of The Wire… Have you ever watched this series? It has some really interesting (and slightly depressing) things to say about crime and bureaucracy. It’s for a US audience, but it translates well to this side of the Atlantic.

    I’m not saying that there is an alternative to developing “an assessment for serious violence to map violent crime hotspots (temporal, geographic and situational) and target resources in relation to this data, using a problem profile where necessary”, it’s just that it sounds so dry compared to the problems that people face in real life – family breakdown, unemployment, gap between rich & poor, etc…

    I’ ve never seen any violence in Lewisham in the year and a bit since I’ve been around, but have felt the threat of it sometimes… But maybe I’m just paranoid.

  3. Andrew Brown says:

    I got season’s one and two for my birthday the other day so Friday night will be Wire night from now on.

    I’d hope that the lived experience of mapping would help address the problems that people face, but as you say it does look a little dry on the page.

  4. ross says:

    you’ll probably find every night will be wire night from now on

  5. Andrew Brown says:

    We’re going to try and be a bit disciplined about it, but the temptation is definately there.

  6. ross says:

    it’s not easy!

    i think it’s better watched closer together, as it’s more like a novel than a tv series, so the flow of the thing is crucial (it sucks you in anyway regardless)

  7. Andrew Brown says:

    No, it wont be. We are allowing ourselves 2 episodes a week so we’ll get some immersion.

  8. ross says:

    the only downside to watching it at all is when you’ve watched it all, TV will never seem the same again.

    anything else seems pale, weak, surface level, contrived and substanceless by comparison – i had to read capital afterwords to get a similar hit

  9. rp says:

    I got hold of all of the wire, from a ‘source’, and I tried diligently to get into it, but failed.

    I’m an unreconstructed “Shield” man I’m afraid

    Vic’ll be back soon . . .

  10. ross says:

    i think the wire has a lot more depth, layers & texture to it than the shield personally

  11. WOW – this is scary reading. I live close by Lewisham and travel through there twice a day, every day. I’ve lived in the area for 16 years and have always thought of it as a safeish place, but then a place that you know is always less scary than one that you don’t.
    I’m actually quite shocked!

  12. rp says:

    for depth, layers & texture I turn to Eastenders . . .

  13. ross says:

    brockley central for me

  14. rp says:

    Very droll Ross, I think this round might be on me

    all the best!

  15. ross says:

    i’ll have a small whisky in such case

  16. Ernesta says:

    The Daily Mail actually reported, through unclever grammar, that Deptford was the 10th most dangerous place in the UK.

    As such an over-densely-populated borough though, the true figure would surely be calculated per capita?

    Feel safer though, in South East London, to quite a few other places and have been here since the 80s. Often find it friendlier sometimes too. So, as somebody who actually lives in this borough, am confused.

    Sorry, don’t see The Wire, am usually out. Erm, on the streets of Deptford and New Cross probably.


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