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Fair Trade Boroughs One of twenty Transpontine: New Cross Seen: NME 2004 Ah, those were the days.

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Mayor ‘Mare

The electors of Stoke have spoken. I’m sure that’ll (re-)energise a few of you; for the record, my thoughts on this are here and haven’t really changed. Update: The conspiracies have already started: Stoke on Trent has voted to get … Continue reading

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I’ve just come across these slides from William Perrin and thought they made a lot of sense.

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links for 2008-10-24

Caroline's Miscellany: Deptford X revisited Golden balls, politeness and tape Brian Robson – ‘Lewisham Speakers’ launch in Lee Green Wednesday 19th November at 7.15pm at Lochaber Hall, membership £70 (plus one off joining fee of £15) Saying it with flowers … Continue reading

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Mayor’s Credit Crunch Briefing

Steve Bullock has written a piece on his website about how he is asking the council and other partners in Lewisham to react to the economic turmoil of recent weeks. He sets out four immediate steps he’s got people working … Continue reading

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links for 2008-10-23

Let's improve Honor Oak Park: WONDERFUL IMPROVEMENTS TO OUR AREA Thanks be to business and politicians. The Deptford Dame: Good news for flume fiends Another reason to visit Wavelengths Brian Robson » Save Blackheath Fireworks! Traditional annual scare story.

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Perception over Reality

Bo D’Or for the image, analysis from Tory Troll and Boris Watch.

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Growing Unequal?

Interesting looking report from the OECD about inequality across 30 countries.  The press release is suitably gloomy: Children and young adults are now 25% more likely to be poor than the population as a whole.  Single-parent households are three times … Continue reading

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The Nader Effect

Interesting stuff, right down the bottom of this article, about the impact of third party candidates on people’s voting intentions. The conventional wisdom is that where there’s a third party candidate they usually “steal” votes from the candidate they’re perceived … Continue reading

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links for 2008-10-21

Transpontine: White Hart Latest Still time to make your views known. The Deptford Dame: Welcome Se8ker! Another to add to your list of local reading. Deptford Se8ker: S stands for Shelters Adding to our knowledge of air raid shelters. Dumped … Continue reading

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