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walk for life

Dan Houghton has asked if I could give his Walk for Life fundraising website a plug and I’m more than happy to do so. Dan is looking to raise £500 for Crusaid, the HIV/AIDs charity, by doing a sponsored walk on Sunday 30th … Continue reading

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history matters

History Matters – Pass it on looks like a good campaign to me, even if the people who wrote the text for the website think Tony Benn is still an MP, and can’t spell the name of one of their founder supporters*. I … Continue reading

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Do Scottish MPs tell England what to do?

FactCheck from Channel 4 have been doing a bit of digging into Alan Duncan’s remarks about “Scotland essentially telling England what to do”.  They’ve found that not only can he not do maths* (you might think this a bit of a … Continue reading

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more on sexual health in south east london

I saw that the Health Protection Agency have released new figures about sexually transmitted diseases so thought I’d take a look at the data for South East London. I’m not a statistician, and I’m very aware that I could be … Continue reading

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